Making that move from Pakistani to Turkey has been made easier and possible. The process has been laid down already and you can get a Turkey citizenship by Investment for Pakistani. There are many other options but this is the easier and better option. On 18th September 2018, the laws were amended to accommodate more foreigners. Once you invest in real estate, you get the right to apply for Turkish Citizenship. The land can only be sold within three years and the minimum investment amount was reduced to $1m. Below is additional information on why you should get Turkish citizenship by investment.

  1.  Amazing climate

When it comes to weather and climate, foreigners find it a major challenge to adapt. Well, moving from Pakistani to Turkey is different. The weather in Turkey is easier for Pakistani residents to adapt to. The climate of a new place can make things difficult to bear. For a Pakistani in Turkey, things will be different. Adaptation will be easier since Turkey has one of the best climates in the world. The weather is friendly and that’s why residents find it easy to settle.

  1. Culture mix

Culture matters everywhere. It is not easy to start living like foreigners. Before adopting to the new culture, you would already have been stigmatized for being a foreigner. At one point, some people are tempted to return to their country. For a Pakistani in Turkey, it is easier to adopt. The Muslim culture with westernized practices is just a perfect place to settle.

Pakistani and Turkey have cultures that are easier to synchronize compared to other parts of the world. That is why a Pakistani will find it simpler to move to Turkey and settle there. It wouldn’t take long before fully adopting the behaviors of the country.

  1. Dual citizenship

By the time an announcement was aired of the will to sign dual citizenship between Turkey and Pakistani, the latter was struggling with political instability and a dip in the economic status. This was a strategic move to help Pakistani citizens connect with Turkey and make a better living. In return, the economy of both nations would benefit. In the long run, things would improve and political temperatures cool a bit.

This treaty eased the existing relationship between Turkey and Pakistani. Citizens of both could now hold dual citizenship and do business across borders. In the end, both governments were able to get the better of each other.


The plan between Turkey and Pakistani to sign a dual citizenship treaty is being eagerly waited for. The idea has been on the shelf for quite some time now. Upon realization, it is projected that Pakistani residents will highly benefit from this move. Their economy too will greatly improve and it will be a route to a more stable economy. But even in such circumstances, individuals will need to make solo moves when it comes to the actual investments. That is where organizations like Elmaslar come in. The government’s role is just to facilitate.

According to the credit repair organization act, credit repair companies cannot lie about their services to their customers. They are not allowed to claim for the services which they cannot perform. So before signing a contract with any of the credit repair companies, it’s your legal righty to know the details of the services they deliver. If you find anything misleading, then you can cancel the agreement without any charge.

Additionally, you should go for credit repair companies offering the money-back guarantee and charging you less. If by mistake, you hired a credit repair company that does not fulfil their promise, then according to the law, you can sue that company.Just because you have misleading and harmful credit scores in your credit report doesn’t mean that you can’t improve them. Set your standards and start searching for a good credit repair company.

They will evaluate your credits and boosts your credit scores. But be aware of the scams trending in the credit repair market. As a creditor and a responsible client of credit repair companies, you should punish the company if it violates the credit repair laws. You can also report against a credit repair company to a consumer affair officer.

Moreover, you can also compile file complaints against the company and forward it to the federal trade commission, which will not only resolve all your credit-related issues but also punish the company for violating the laws.

Do you see the advertisement for various credit repair companies in news, fliers, and newspapers? Claiming that they will erase the bad credits from your credit report or will develop your new credit identity. Well, most of these claims are a scam. To save your money carefully, choose a credit repair company to increase your credits. There is no quick credit fix available in the market; it always takes time and deliberate efforts. Always remain stick to the debt management plan devised by the trusted legal company.

You cannot accurately remove all the inaccuracies from your credit report; it always needs an investigation. Credit repair offers a thorough investigation, by their diligent professional, that will remove all the incomplete and inaccurate information from your credit report. The investigators hired by the company repairs all the credits legally and at the minimum cost. You can free your credit report if you find the company involved in adverse activities.

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Ok, so you have finally decided to produce your very own electricity by installing solar panels for home, but where do you start? Going solar is a big decision and it definitely is a good one. However, this isn’t something you should do without much thought. There are several things you need to look into to make sure that turning to a solar panel system to power your home won’t be a wasted investment.

Before you purchase solar panels for home, be sure to take the following into consideration:

Solar Panel Cost

Without a doubt, this is the very first thing you will look into when comparing solar panels from different manufacturers. The cost of a solar panel will vary depending on the size, the quality of materials, the capacity to produce electricity, the warranty period, as well as the certifications it may have. While it’s important that you choose a product you can afford, remember that the cheapest doesn’t always mean it is the best option.

Solar Panel Quality

The quality of a solar panel system is determined by the types of materials used in building them, and of course, the reputation of its manufacturer. You will find solar panel manufacturers that take control of every single stage of the production process. These companies put a lot of money on research and development to make sure they produce high-quality solar panels. Meanwhile, there are also manufacturers that do not manufacture their solar cells. All they do is assemble solar panel systems. These companies are the ones that produce low-cost solar panels.

When shopping for solar panels for home, it’s important that you look into the history of its manufacturing company. You want to put your investment in a brand you can trust.

Solar Panel Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of a solar panel has to do with how much of the received sunlight can be converted into usable energy or electricity. In short, the more efficient a solar panel is, the more electricity it can produce. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should go for the biggest and most efficient solar panels for home. You want a solar panel system that will supply you with enough electricity to power your home. Thus, have your home assessed first so you know how much power you want to get out of your solar panels.

Solar Panel Warranty Period

Solar panels typically have a 25-year warranty, which is a clear sign of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. If a company offers a warranty shorter than this, you might want to look somewhere else. When choosing a brand of solar panels, be sure to go for an established manufacturer that has a proven history. There is no point in receiving a 25-year warranty from a company that isn’t likely to be operational that long.

As mentioned earlier, going solar is a big and important decision to make. Installing solar panels for home will bring a lot of benefits for you financially in the long run, plus, it is good for the environment. But you want to make sure you’re working with a reputable company, so doing a bit of research is absolutely necessary.


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Do you need a loan? Before accepting your credit application, usually, banks and financial institutions will first check your financial history. One of the things that are monitored by banks is the credit score. Let’s get to know your credit score for those who need a loan. Has the loan application been rejected because it turns out that you have a less than historical credit? Or even rejected because they have never had a credit history? If you experience a case like that, try checking your credit score. Historical credit has become one of the main reasons that most prospective borrowers fail to get loan funds. Because credit history usually reflects your credit score. The higher the credit score, the faster the bank will grant your application. The credit score itself is a “report card” used by banks or financial institutions to determine the eligibility of your loan application.

In this report card, the debtor can trace the history of the loan, your payment cycle, how many times you are overdue, and how much total credit you have. If it turns out you are experiencing a deadlock because the loan application was rejected or even received but get much higher interest, try checking your credit score. As said by a Chicago Credit Repair company , the denied loan is not always because of credit score or poor credit history, and there are also prospective borrowers whose loans are rejected because they do not have historical credit. To prevent that from happening, apply for a credit card at a bank. Then use the “magic card” wisely to form a good credit reputation. Pay the bills that come every month, don’t be late. A messy payment will lead you to have a bad credit score, and when it happened, you will need a credit repair service.

Many companies can help like Nationwide Credit Clearing, and it will help you to boost credit score, but when you have none, then try to engage with a credit card. Apply for credit card and use it for shopping, but what to do when our credit score is already bad? Know your history first. Ideally, the maximum number of debtor installments is 30% of income per month. If your installment amount is more than 30%, your credit score will experience depreciation. Understandably, with a ratio of more than 40%, the Bank will assume that you are a risky customer. Focus on paying off debts that you have before taking on new debt. Loosen up a little, apply for another loan When your application is rejected, don’t re-submit it directly at the same bank.

You might have heard about the role of credit in your life. Good credit can open the door of opportunities, while lousy credit will restrict your chances to prove yourself. But that does not mean if you get bad credit, it will remain with you till death. You can improve your confidence, which in other terms is credit repair.

Several companies are out there providing service to repair credit for their customers. You can take help from them or do it yourself. Yes! You can also restore your credit by following some simple steps.

  • Keep an update of your latest credit It will help you figure out the weak areas where you need improvement. You can get free credit reports from the three bureaus working with credit score calculation.
  • Underline all errors to check and repair in your credit report. If there is an account whose working limit is passed, don’t waste time on that account.
  • If you feel there is some wrong information present in the report, you can challenge it through the legal procedure. All the rules and regulations come with your online credit report.
  • Pay all your previous payments, which are due and pending.
  • Never purchase a product too high from your credit card off-limit, which will take time to repay.
  • Keep a reasonable amount in your account.
  • Once removed error from your credit, make all your payments on time.

With these steps and little effort, you can save them money, which in other ways you will spend on hiring a professional. And you will also know how to protect yourself from getting lousy credit in the future. Credit repair is different from credit scores, but it directly affects your credit score.

Talking about credit repair, if you think you cannot solve this problem on your own, why not consult a credit repair company. These companies work to repair credit for you with some charge. They also work in association with credit estimating companies. You will find a number of them out there but be careful to select one. Go through a review of these companies, and verify through their representative offices.

These companies help to remove errors from your credit reports regarding charge-offs, bankruptcies, and tax refunds. After removing mistakes, they send the report to respective bureau agencies to update your credit report. The charges you pay for credit repair varies with each company, but you pay when they provide you promised services.

Installing new shingles for your Newton home are very easy. If you follow these steps you can also attain the professional look for your home. If you would like to get professional help, you can contact a Newton roofing contractor to provide you the best services. If you would like to do it yourself, follow these steps:

Measure the area of every individual part of the roof and get the right number of shingles for the job. If you have still old shingles on the roof then remove them until sheathing appears from underneath. Now clean the roof as much as possible so that sheathing becomes clear and remove every nail. Check for any damage in the sheathing and other rotted board. If the sheathing is damaged then replace it with a new one. Now your old roofing has been completely removed.

You should choose an appropriate underlayment according to your need and budget. Now you should start rolling out underlayment from the bottom of the roof and nail that firmly into their appropriate place by using roofing nails. So first full shingle must be placed near the bottom corner of the roof firmly. Lock it by using six nails slightly under the shingle’s tar line.

Continue this process until you reached on the other side of the roof. Stagger the roofing for every new row. Shingles have square and broken sections on the bottom. Align the square section of your next row with the broken section of the previous row so that the break in the center of the square is correct. This gives a proper place for water to overflow, so there should be no chance of leakage behind your shingles. Place the rest of all shingles with the new staggered design, but this time use four nails per shingle. At the next row of shingles, you return to the starting position so that your shingles are back to the lineup with the corner of the roof one more time. This gets the staggering and makes the roof tougher overall. Repeat this method up to the roof cap on both sides until you reach the highest value every 5 inches.

To cover the roof, you are required a set of ridge cap shingles. Place the first shingle on the left side of the roof so that it protrudes slightly over the edge, and nail it to the right side of the shingle to fix it. Place another piece over it so that it overlaps the right edge and covers the nail, and nail it in the same way. Continue this pattern until you have completely covered the ridge. To finish your installation, place roof cement over the exposed nail at the end.


You should be aware that even the smallest leak can be a problem to your roof. If a roof leak stays unfixed for long, it will be a recipe for disaster. Roof leaks needs to be fixed as soon as they are noticed. You should be taking time to inspect your roof and locate the leaks as early as possible. If you are wondering how you are going to locate roof leaks all by yourself and you are not a roofing expert, then worry no more. We have prepared you some steps that you should follow in order to locate a roof leak and get it repaired ASAP.

Step one. Look for the first signs of a roof leak.

In most cases the first thing to notice is the sight and sound of dripping water. To hear the sound of dripping water or to see the water dripping into your house it must be a rainy season. But how can you look for the first signs if it is not raining? There are some signs you should be on the look for whether it is raining or not. These signs include:

  • You will notice water stains on the ceiling.
  • There will be warped or missing shingles.
  • Some spots can be seen on your exterior walls.
  • There will be some musty odor in rooms that have leaks.
  • Some bulging patches can be noticed on your interior walls.

If you notice any of those signs it might be indicating that there are some roof leaks somewhere on your roof and all you need is to locate the leak. In most cases the place where you notice and think the leak is, it is not actually there. It is because of this you need to do some investigation in order to know where exactly the leak is located.

Step 2. Check your attic.

Grab your flashlight and make it your mission to climb into your attic. You should be very careful as you climb not to put holes through the ceiling. On the attic look for water stains and black or mold marks along your roof sheathing and along the rafters.

If your house don’t have an attic, then check the roof for the first signs of roof leaks. If you don’t live in your own house and you have rented a room then contact your landlord to hire a roofing contractor to find and fix any roof leaks.

Sometimes small water stains are not caused by roof leaks, they are as a result of exposed nails. When moisture on your floor meets the cold air in the attic, the moisture condenses on the exposed nail at night.  During the day, the water melts because of the warmth from the sun. You can fix this small problem by clipping the exposed nail below its head using a pair of pliers.