How to find and repair roof leaks

You should be aware that even the smallest leak can be a problem to your roof. If a roof leak stays unfixed for long, it will be a recipe for disaster. Roof leaks needs to be fixed as soon as they are noticed. You should be taking time to inspect your roof and locate the leaks as early as possible. If you are wondering how you are going to locate roof leaks all by yourself and you are not a roofing expert, then worry no more. We have prepared you some steps that you should follow in order to locate a roof leak and get it repaired ASAP.

Step one. Look for the first signs of a roof leak.

In most cases the first thing to notice is the sight and sound of dripping water. To hear the sound of dripping water or to see the water dripping into your house it must be a rainy season. But how can you look for the first signs if it is not raining? There are some signs you should be on the look for whether it is raining or not. These signs include:

  • You will notice water stains on the ceiling.
  • There will be warped or missing shingles.
  • Some spots can be seen on your exterior walls.
  • There will be some musty odor in rooms that have leaks.
  • Some bulging patches can be noticed on your interior walls.

If you notice any of those signs it might be indicating that there are some roof leaks somewhere on your roof and all you need is to locate the leak. In most cases the place where you notice and think the leak is, it is not actually there. It is because of this you need to do some investigation in order to know where exactly the leak is located.

Step 2. Check your attic.

Grab your flashlight and make it your mission to climb into your attic. You should be very careful as you climb not to put holes through the ceiling. On the attic look for water stains and black or mold marks along your roof sheathing and along the rafters.

If your house don’t have an attic, then check the roof for the first signs of roof leaks. If you don’t live in your own house and you have rented a room then contact your landlord to hire a roofing contractor to find and fix any roof leaks.

Sometimes small water stains are not caused by roof leaks, they are as a result of exposed nails. When moisture on your floor meets the cold air in the attic, the moisture condenses on the exposed nail at night.  During the day, the water melts because of the warmth from the sun. You can fix this small problem by clipping the exposed nail below its head using a pair of pliers.

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