How to Install Asphalt Shingles in Newton, MA

Installing new shingles for your Newton home are very easy. If you follow these steps you can also attain the professional look for your home. If you would like to get professional help, you can contact a Newton roofing contractor to provide you the best services. If you would like to do it yourself, follow these steps:

Measure the area of every individual part of the roof and get the right number of shingles for the job. If you have still old shingles on the roof then remove them until sheathing appears from underneath. Now clean the roof as much as possible so that sheathing becomes clear and remove every nail. Check for any damage in the sheathing and other rotted board. If the sheathing is damaged then replace it with a new one. Now your old roofing has been completely removed.

You should choose an appropriate underlayment according to your need and budget. Now you should start rolling out underlayment from the bottom of the roof and nail that firmly into their appropriate place by using roofing nails. So first full shingle must be placed near the bottom corner of the roof firmly. Lock it by using six nails slightly under the shingle’s tar line.

Continue this process until you reached on the other side of the roof. Stagger the roofing for every new row. Shingles have square and broken sections on the bottom. Align the square section of your next row with the broken section of the previous row so that the break in the center of the square is correct. This gives a proper place for water to overflow, so there should be no chance of leakage behind your shingles. Place the rest of all shingles with the new staggered design, but this time use four nails per shingle. At the next row of shingles, you return to the starting position so that your shingles are back to the lineup with the corner of the roof one more time. This gets the staggering and makes the roof tougher overall. Repeat this method up to the roof cap on both sides until you reach the highest value every 5 inches.

To cover the roof, you are required a set of ridge cap shingles. Place the first shingle on the left side of the roof so that it protrudes slightly over the edge, and nail it to the right side of the shingle to fix it. Place another piece over it so that it overlaps the right edge and covers the nail, and nail it in the same way. Continue this pattern until you have completely covered the ridge. To finish your installation, place roof cement over the exposed nail at the end.


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