Turkey Citizenship by Investment for Pakistani

Making that move from Pakistani to Turkey has been made easier and possible. The process has been laid down already and you can get a Turkey citizenship by Investment for Pakistani. There are many other options but this is the easier and better option. On 18th September 2018, the laws were amended to accommodate more foreigners. Once you invest in real estate, you get the right to apply for Turkish Citizenship. The land can only be sold within three years and the minimum investment amount was reduced to $1m. Below is additional information on why you should get Turkish citizenship by investment.

  1.  Amazing climate

When it comes to weather and climate, foreigners find it a major challenge to adapt. Well, moving from Pakistani to Turkey is different. The weather in Turkey is easier for Pakistani residents to adapt to. The climate of a new place can make things difficult to bear. For a Pakistani in Turkey, things will be different. Adaptation will be easier since Turkey has one of the best climates in the world. The weather is friendly and that’s why residents find it easy to settle.

  1. Culture mix

Culture matters everywhere. It is not easy to start living like foreigners. Before adopting to the new culture, you would already have been stigmatized for being a foreigner. At one point, some people are tempted to return to their country. For a Pakistani in Turkey, it is easier to adopt. The Muslim culture with westernized practices is just a perfect place to settle.

Pakistani and Turkey have cultures that are easier to synchronize compared to other parts of the world. That is why a Pakistani will find it simpler to move to Turkey and settle there. It wouldn’t take long before fully adopting the behaviors of the country.

  1. Dual citizenship

By the time an announcement was aired of the will to sign dual citizenship between Turkey and Pakistani, the latter was struggling with political instability and a dip in the economic status. This was a strategic move to help Pakistani citizens connect with Turkey and make a better living. In return, the economy of both nations would benefit. In the long run, things would improve and political temperatures cool a bit.

This treaty eased the existing relationship between Turkey and Pakistani. Citizens of both could now hold dual citizenship and do business across borders. In the end, both governments were able to get the better of each other.


The plan between Turkey and Pakistani to sign a dual citizenship treaty is being eagerly waited for. The idea has been on the shelf for quite some time now. Upon realization, it is projected that Pakistani residents will highly benefit from this move. Their economy too will greatly improve and it will be a route to a more stable economy. But even in such circumstances, individuals will need to make solo moves when it comes to the actual investments. That is where organizations like Elmaslar come in. The government’s role is just to facilitate.

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