What is advertising?

              Advertising is defined as a sponsored, non-personal message that is used to market an idea, a product, or a service. It is used to simply draw the attention of the crowd to your product. Advertising is a constantly evolving field; it includes huge posters on the road in the 1980s to the ads that bombard our mobile applications. Advertising is a crucial part of any major business, as it is the means through which you can gain new customers while keeping your already existing customers reminded about your product. There are many questions that might make one ponder over advertising. Here we try to answer a few of them.

What is the objective of advertising?

              Advertising is used to inform, persuade, and remind your customers about your products. An effective advertising campaign is necessary for any major product.

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Who should I advertise to?

              The first step of any advertising campaign is finding your ideal customer. You must know what kind of people are more likely to purchase your product. You must start looking at your ideal customer’s demographic characteristics like what gender would they be, how old would they be, what will be their education level, what will be their financial level, and where they would be located. Using this info to plan your advertising campaign will help you reach more potential customers at a lower cost. While you can buy an expensive banner in the middle of London, for example, if your customers are teenagers, you can buy ads on YouTube and Facebook for a much lower cost.


Where can I advertise?

              As previously mentioned, advertising is an evolving field. While the traditional newspapers, banners, radio stations, and giant banners are still being used, new and modern techniques are being developed. The online world has allowed you to market to millions in just a few button clicks, you can easily post ads on youtube and Google from your office. While the internet has been the major change, there have been some intriguing changes to physical advertisements. Endorsing sporting events, printing your brand’s name in your products, and covering store windows with posters of your products are just some of the recent changes in the way people are advertising.