10 AWESOME Series Characters Available in Streams

Every year that passes we are introduced to a range of fascinating characters that are often in remarkable stories that we follow season after season. Some plots are mysterious, others make you reflect on decades ago… each one contributes to the creative process being such that we can’t take our eyes off the television!

One of the most difficult subjects to do, without a doubt, is this one about impacting characters in the series’ universe. But as we did not run away from the challenge, it follows below, 10 impactful series characters available on streams:

Miriam “Midge” Maisel played by Rachel Brosnahan

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Wonderful Mrs. Maisel has an impeccable text, charismatic performances that take us to a New York in the late 50s where we follow the backstage of the art scene around the city, in addition to conservative taboos from the point of view of a woman always ahead of her time played by the spectacular Rachel Brosnahan. The series is available on Prime Video.

Annalize Keating played by Viola Davis

University professor of criminal law and renowned criminalist, Annalize, played by the wonderful Viola Davisis the great central force of the whole mysterious plot of How to Get Away with Murder. The series is available on Netflix.

Walter White played by Bryan Cranston

One of the most fascinating characters in series stories around the world. In breaking bad we are witnesses of the construction and then the deconstruction of a chemistry professor who ends up putting himself on a road of no return in the criminal universe. The series is available on Netflix.

Detective Mare Sheehan played by Kate Winslet

Mare is a divorced detective, and now grandmother, who is tormented by her son’s suicide years ago and in the professional field is labeled incompetent. Between the dedication to an important investigation and the chaos that transforms her personal life, many surprises await her in a shocking unfolding of facts. the series sea ​​of ​​easttown is available on HBO Max.

Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clarke

One of the most outstanding characters in the impactful universe created by George RR Martin in game of ThronesDaenerys Targaryen is the last confirmed remnant of House Targaryen. Emilia Clarke was nominated three times for an Emmy for this role. The series is available on HBO Max.

Jonas played by Louis Hofmann

created by swiss Baran bo Odar and by the german Jantje Friese the german production dark became a cult phenomenon. Among its mysterious characters, there is Jonas, the protagonist who walks through time in search of answers that often end up bringing more questions. Note: we know that there are more actors who somehow play this character but let’s not spoil the surprises for those who haven’t seen the series. The series is available on Netflix.

Larry Hall played by Paul Walter Hauser

This is one of the darkest characters in the series universe that we were introduced to this year. One of the protagonists of the excellent series black birdLarry Hall is a terrifying serial killer brilliantly played by Paul Walter Hauser. The series is available on Apple TV+.

Eleven played by Millie Bobby Brown

Raised by a scientist who stole her from her mother, Eleven has super powers and can control objects with her mind. Over the seasons of Stranger Things let’s get to know his trajectory better in the past, heading towards a present where his friends will need his powers to overcome evil. The series is available on Netflix.

Ted Lasso played by Jason Sudeikis

Walking between the superficial and the deep, the dramas that we follow in Ted Lasso are the combination of a ready-made caricature and almost philosophical reflections on the life of this football coach who, in his daily life, receives and takes teachings about life. The series is available on Apple TV+.

Tommy Shelby played by Cillian Murphy

Tommy is the great key to the success of Peaky Blinders. Extremely different from his brothers, especially the older Arthur (Paul Anderson), he is the epicenter of the story, the beginning, middle and end of each season that start from his complicated choices that don’t always please his family.

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