10 Essential Songs to Meet Dua Lipa

Recently, Dua Lipa turned 27 years old. The British singer-songwriter rose to meteoric fame after the release of her eponymous studio album in 2017. Lipa has released wildly successful singles that have become popular and won her a Grammy Award for Breakthrough Artist.

In 2020, the artist released her second CD, ‘Future Nostalgia’which has become one of the darlings of pop fans and critics for its nostalgic content and for its danceable and catchy songs – not to mention the incredible music videos that accompanied the tracks.

To celebrate this career that certainly still has a lot to tell us – and to celebrate its anniversary -, we have separated a brief list with ten essential songs so you can get to know the performer’s discography (which, despite being quite brief, deserves attention).

Check out our picks below and tell us which one is your favorite:


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Released as a single: October 30, 2015

Album: Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa’s eponymous debut album yielded nothing less than nine singles. The second one may have been the one that started to get our attention and put it in the spotlight: “Be The One” mix europop, power pop and synth-pop in a journey of romantic redemption that was very well received mainly for its production.


Released as a single: May 6, 2016

Album: Dua Lipa

Like the other promotional songs, “Hotten Than Hell” presented itself as an instrumental mix that ranged from dance-pop and disco to tropical house and R&B (an aesthetic that would once again show itself strongly in ‘Future Nostalgia’). With widespread critical acclaim, the track earned the singer her first UK chart entry, debuting at #15.


Released as single: August 26, 2016

Album: Dua Lipa

Lipa teamed up with famous Canadian producer and songwriter Jon Levine to nu-disk “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)”. Worthy of greater public recognition – and a flawless anthem for the dance floor – the song was praised for its positive message that talks about being comfortable with your own body regardless of what other people say.


Released as single: January 27, 2017

Before having his masterful revelation with “New Rules”Lipa collaborated with Dutch DJ Martin Garrix for the futuristic “Scared to Be Lonely”, which premiered at the AVA Festival in Myanmar. With several versions (including an acoustic one that would be released months later), the track was part of the deluxe version of the singer’s debut album.


Released as single: August 26, 2016

Album: Dua Lipa

“New Rules” stopped the world with its captivating beat, flagship of the highest possible level of tropical house and EDM. Constructed from minimalist drums and synthesizers, the track won over audiences with tremendous force and reached the top of the charts in several countries – in addition to earning Dua her first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 (#6) and a nomination in the categories of Song of the Year and Best Choreography at the 2018 VMAs.


Released as a single: January 12, 2018

Album: Dua Lipa

Once released, “IDGAF”as well as previous singles from ‘Dua Lipa’had a relatively positive reception by the critics, who returned to praise the lyrical content and the impeccable production of the Canadian Koz. Yielding another Hot 100 entry, the bubbly pop was nominated for Single of the Year at the 2019 BRIT Awards.


Released as single: April 6, 2018

Another famous collaboration of Dua Lipa was with the Scottish producer and DJ Calvin Harrisone of the best known contemporary artists. “One Kiss” became the best-selling song of the year in the UK and topped the charts in no less than twenty different countries. The amalgamation of dance-pop, diva house and funk house pays a captivating homage to the 1990s music scene.


Release as single: October 31, 2019

Album: Future Nostalgia

With very little time in her career, Dua Lipa would reach maturity with ‘Future Nostalgia’, his second musical production. the lead single, “Don’t Start Now”, was released in 2019 and, without a doubt, entered several lists of the best songs of the last year. Receiving critical acclaim and conquering the world, the song spent twenty weeks in the Billboard Top 10 and was praised for its vocals and production.


Released as a single: January 30, 2020

Album: Future Nostalgia

the power pop “Physical” was acclaimed for its unparalleled energy and homage to 1980s classics. In addition to the song, the single was accompanied by two impeccable videos – including a mimetic version of the gymnastics clips of Jane Fonda. The song is an exuberant and sensual adventure that deserves to be taken to the dance floors when everything returns to normal, of course.


Release as single: March 25, 2020

Album: Future Nostalgia

“Break My Heart” was released two days before the release of ‘Future Nostalgia’ – and it was a very interesting choice to integrate the album’s singles. Despite the title, the track follows the vibrant identity of the other forays, this time surrendering to disco and dance-pop that immediately transports us to the 1980s in a romantic narrative that may or may not work.

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