10 Facts about 'Beauty and the Beast', one of Disney's best 'live-action' adaptations

Released in 2017, the live-action of Beauty and the Beast was one of the most successful of this wave of Disney in adapting its classic animations to flesh and blood (and CGI) versions. With more than US$ 1 billion at the box office and positive reviews, the film managed to rescue some of the magic of the original and bring it to new generations. With all this success, CinePOP brought 10 curiosities that you might not know about this adaptation. Check out!

The BeLa La Land

In the movie, Emma Watson brought Bella to life. However, the original choice for the role was another Emma, ​​the Emma Stone. Fortunately or unfortunately, Stone ended up not accepting the role in the adaptation to star in La La Land – Singing Seasonsa film that earned her the Oscar for Best Actress. The most curious thing is that the first choice for the role of Beast was Ryan Gosling, who also turned down the role to partner Emma Stone in La La Land. Ultimately, the Beast was played by Dan Stevens.

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Second chance

One of the biggest names in this cast, Sir Ian McKellen was invited to bring the watch to life Cogsworth in the 1991 animated film. At the time, he declined, but upon seeing the film, McKellen fell in love with the story and deeply regretted his choice. So, when he was invited to play the watch in the adaptation, he didn’t think twice and accepted right away.

The illuminated

In the movies, Cogsworth’s best friend is the candlestick. Lumiere. In live-action, he is lived by Ewan McGregor, who had some problems when interpreting the object, especially when recording “À Volntade”. Although the candlestick is made of CGI, the movement was through Motion Capture. But the outfit was ridiculous and uncomfortable, which embarrassed the actor, who was only able to do the dance steps correctly after being alone in the studio, with only the film crew. Also, Ewan had a really hard time doing the French accent. According to the actor, his accent was closer to Mexican than French.


When did you start doing business with the disney to direct the adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, the director Bill Condon did not believe what he heard. At the time, investors wanted to make a more serious film, without bringing in the musical spirit of the original. He was shocked and positioned himself with a striking: “With all due respect, but you guys are crazy! The trail is wonderful! There is no such thing as an adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ without ‘A Will’”. So the movie ended up being a musical, leaving for Mulan (2019) the burden of not having songs.


In the adaptation, it is said that LeFou and Gaston are soldiers instead of hunters, as in the original animation. Given the period in which the plot takes place, it is quite likely that they fought in the Seven Years’ War.

In the closet

During the promotion of the film, it was announced that the film would feature Disney’s first openly gay character, which would be LeFou. However, when the movie hit theaters, the “overtly” was very hidden, as it only showed LeFou dancing with a man in a scene of a few seconds. the actor himself, Josh Gadyears later, he said he was ashamed of having participated in this “Queer Bait”.


Still talking about the villains, Luke Evans and Josh Gad They had a lot of chemistry on stage. So the actors were able to improvise various dialogues and jokes between them. The direction loved it and decided to keep much of the interaction between Gaston and LeFou improvised.

full pocket

Despite being an old dream of the actress, Emma Watson negotiated a very fat salary to enter the project. In addition to the $3 million guaranteed, she earned final box office shares. And since the movie made over $1 billion, Emma made over $15 million. It did too well.

Ugly face

The director’s original idea was for Dan Stevens to use a prosthesis and a lot of makeup to bring the Beast to life. However, he ended up giving in to requests to make the creature with CGI to give the Beast more expressions, giving the prince a completely different face from the intended prosthesis.


One of the things that stands out the most in the original animation is the pompous library of the Beast. In the live-action, the production was inspired by the Joanina Library, in Coimbra, Portugal, to build the Beast’s book collection, which filled Bela’s eyes.

Beauty and the Beast is available on Disney+.

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