10 Films where we reflect on Bad Companies

Discovering secrets or even witnessing attitudes of people who are somehow in our circle of trust is something that not only happens in the movies, but in reality as well. And how we deal with it is also a question! Whether in a friendship of years, in a marriage that seemed impeccable, in criminals who come together to carry out crimes, betrayals, lies, relationships with references that present themselves in the form of bad company happen. Some of these intense conflicts, at some point in life, can appear ahead, leading to immense disappointments. Reflecting on these different scenarios that touch on the theme of ‘Más Companhias’, we decided to create a list of films about this existential cut.

The Loft

A blonde woman is killed and handcuffed to a bed, found like this in a luxurious loft in the middle of a big city to feed the desires of 5 friends for their compulsive and obsessive betrayals. Throughout the plot, we get to know better the lives of everyone involved, their secrets, their lies and their impulses. The film uses flashback to show dynamism and make the audience try to solve the puzzle that is gradually assembled in this invented cinematographic board.

the good companions

In the classic movie Martin Scorsesebased on the book Wiseguy in Nicholas Pileggiwe follow the rise and fall of a young man in the world of gangsters in the United States who has an unhealthy friendship with two partners in crime.


In the plot, we meet a bank social media coordinator named Kyle (Fran Kranz), a man bored by his routine without many pleasures, different from other times such as college days. One day, he meets his old friend from school days Zack (Adam Goldberg) that proposes a weekend away from any sadness and to return to the old times of joy. But Kyle ends up in a kind of motivational cult and now has to face the eccentricities of the place.

secret obsession

In the plot, which starts at a mile an hour, we meet a young woman named Jennifer (Brenda Song) who is being stalked by a person we don’t know who it is. After making it to the hospital in the worst possible way, she ends up losing her memory. She wakes up and is introduced to her husband Russell (Mike Vogel), who arrives all kind and with photo books and lots of references to what their life was like together. But not everything is what it seems in this story, parallel to the young woman’s discoveries, we are introduced to Frank Page (Dennis Haysbert), a police officer close to retirement and with trauma in his past who begins to suspect that situation.

Sinister Pact

In this Hitchcock classic, a professional tennis player boards a train and meets a certain man who knows a lot about his life, especially that he has an unhappy marriage and is dating the daughter of a US senator. In this, this one talks a lot about the hatred he has for his father and proposes that the tennis player kills his father, and that he, in return, kills the tennis player’s wife. The tennis player thought it was a joke, but it wasn’t.

Cards on the Table

In the plot, we meet Mike (Matt Damon), a young law student who spent years of his life rappelling poker tables around town accumulating good money. Following his addiction, during one night he ends up losing everything he conquered in a cruel game against the Russian Teddy (John Malkovich). From that day onwards, he resolves never to return to card games with bets. Nine months pass, he is firmer in his relationship with his girlfriend Jo (Gretchen Mol), working driving a delivery truck and studying for the rest of the day. But that peaceful routine changes when his old friend Worm (Edward Norton) gets out of prison and this bad friendship starts to draw Mike back into the underground poker game universe, a fact that leads him to more conflicts with everyone around him.


In the plot, we meet the young and passionate Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) who has an intense relationship with his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) and loves photography. One day, Rose invites Chris to meet her family in a small town. Arriving there, he is introduced to his girlfriend’s family and strange things begin to draw his attention and gradually the protagonist realizes that nothing is what it seems in this family.

The clan

The feature film, which won the Silver Lion for best director at the Venice Film Festival, tells the story of the Puccios who, behind the routine of a typical middle-class Argentine family, hide a daily life full of secrets and some kidnappings of people with a lot of money. Leading the Clan, Arquímedes Puccio (Guillermo Francella), an old man, quite rigid, who practices the greatest absurdities with his entire family as an accomplice, especially his son Alejandro Puccio (Peter Lanzani). Over the years, the family has committed various atrocities, until one day when everything goes wrong.

The Border Laws

In the plot, which has a temporal ping pong between its extreme arcs, we follow the young Nacho (Marcos Ruiz), in 1978, a young man who is bullied every day at his school. One day, when he was in his only place of refuge (an arcade store), he happens to meet Zarcco (Chechu Salgado) and Tere (Begoña Vargas), two older young men who are part of a gang of petty thieves on the outskirts of the city where they live. Soon the attraction to Tere happens and the protagonist lets himself be led into several situations that involve many things wrong and a high dose of inconsequence.

Ambulance: A Murder Day

In the plot, we meet Will (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), a former US Marine who finds himself in a very difficult situation currently having to get money to pay for the operation that his wife needs. So he ends up looking for work with his brother Danny (Jake Gyllenhaal), a criminal who has participated in more than 30 bank robberies, known to high-ranking police. Without many options, Will ends up joining the team of an upcoming heist, which triggers a series of consequences that will bring the streets of Los Angeles to a halt. In parallel with this, we meet a fearless ambulance paramedic, Cam (Eiza González), which will cross the path of the brothers.

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