10 GREAT Rescue Movies

Action and adventure movies have been around our imagination for a long time, often presenting us with stories with intense conflicts and where the question of choice becomes present at every moment. Rescue operations of many kinds were shown on the big screen, those projects where we root for characters facing extreme adversity. Thinking about these movies, we decided to create a really cool list with 10 rescue films:

Vertical Limit

Directed by Martin Campbell and with a cast that includes names such as: Chris O’Donnell, Bill Paxton and Robin Tunneyin Vertical Limit we follow the saga of a climber who needs to rescue his sister who is trapped on K2 (the second highest mountain in the world, second only to Mount Everest).

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Saving Private Ryan

One of the classics of Steven Spielberg’s successful career, in Saving Private Ryan we accompany a captain of the North American army, in the midst of the biggest of the wars, receives the mission to rescue a soldier who had lost all his brothers in the war. A film!

Proof of Life

Starred by Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan, this film released 22 years ago tells the story of an engineer who was kidnapped in another country and practically abandoned by the company he worked for. So, his wife needs to find a way to resolve the situation and hires a man and his team to rescue him.


Anyone who lived in the late 90s and early 2000s must have seen this film starring Sylvester Stallone which was often aired on free-to-air channels. In the plot, an explosion happens in a tunnel in New Jersey. A former emergency service chief leads an operation to evacuate survivors.

Critical Moment

In this film starring Kurt Russellwhich has an impressive plot twist right from the start, we follow a federal agent and a colonel who need to join forces to rescue hostages taken on an aircraft by terrorists.

You Were Never Really Here

In the plot, we meet an ex-military named Joe (Joaquin Phoenix), traumatized to the extreme by situations experienced in his past, who works rescuing innocent women involved in sex trafficking. His routine goes from the helm to the point, during the day he uses all kinds of violence to defend his goals and at night he comes home to take care of his elderly mother. One day, in another mission given to him, he needs to rescue a young woman trapped in a clandestine brothel in Manhattan. After the rescue, he begins to realize that he is involved in a situation that involves powerful politicians, which generates in him a feeling of revolt and thus gradually developing his thirst for revenge.

Good behavior

In the plot, we meet the Connie brothers (Robert Pattinson) and Nick (Benny Safdie) who one day decide to rob a bank and with the money they try to escape to a better life. But the robbery goes wrong and after being marked with protective paints on the ballots, Nick is captured by the police. Desperate, Connie embarks on a maddening journey in an attempt to rescue her brother at all costs. The film’s pace makes small sequences become great, combining the talent of the cast with the script full of alternatives.

13 Lives – The Rescue

In the plot, we go back to the year 2018 where in mid-July, during the Men’s World Cup, a group of players from an amateur team called Javalis Selvagens, after training and to start the birthday celebrations of one of them, decide to together with your coach, take a tour inside a region full of caves that has always been linked to folkloric issues and is close to Thailand’s border with a country called Myanmar. The weather changes radically when they are inside one of the caves and a tour that was supposed to be quick ends up taking many days. When the relatives noticed the disappearance of the young people, they called the authorities and it was found that the group was trapped somewhere inside the cave. Soon the authorities are called in and international help soon arrives. So we met experienced divers Rick Stanton (Viggo Mortensen) and John Volanthen (Colin Farrell) who will play key roles in this incredible rescue.

Braddock – The Super Command

In the plot, Colonel Braddock (Chuck Norris) a man full of emotional problems caused by everything he lived and did in Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon) during the Vietnam War. After a period, he has the chance to return to the country that was an enemy of the United States on a journey towards the discovery of American soldiers who are held hostage even after the war has ended. Thus, using all his arsenal of knowledge and fighting in the jungle, he sets out towards his goal, not measuring consequences along the way, with the help of a few.

The guest

In the plot, we meet a young British man, skilled with weapons, named Jay (Dev Patel) who is on a secret mission and goes to Palestine to kidnap the pharmacist Samira (Radhika Apte). Little by little, we understand that this kidnapping ends up being a kind of rescue mission, an escape of the young woman organized by a friend from college with the aim of escaping that place and living on some precious stones they got. The issue is that the pieces are not well explained and nothing seems to be in place, leaving the outcome of this story, perhaps, far from a happy ending.

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