10 Intriguing Films about ENVY

One of the anxieties that most cause curiosity when we think about humanity, without a doubt, is envy. Why do others have everything and I have nothing? Why did a certain person achieve more in life than I did? This and some other questions can come through this displeasure caused by the happiness of others that has already been inserted in several characters throughout the history of cinema. Thinking about this curious topic, we decided to create a list with 10 movies about envy:

Othello (1995)

Based on one of Shakespeare’s greatest classics, in this 90’s adaptation, directed by the British Oliver Parkerwe follow a general who marries the woman he loves but is manipulated by Iago, an envious human being, saying that his wife is cheating on him.

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The State of Things

In the plot we meet Brad (ben stiller), a middle-aged, partly unhappy man, who has recently been reflecting on life up until then, coming to comparative thoughts with college friends who have developed financially and are successful in their professions. His son is about to enter college, and during a tour to see some institutions in Boston, including Harvard, Brad reflects even more on his life choices and the feeling of envy he has of his friends.

The Talented Ripley

Film released in the late 90’s, The Talented Ripley shows us an envious young man named Tom Ripley (Matt Damon) who has the strange habit of imitating and impersonating other people. He receives a mission to pick up someone’s son in Italy. Based on the work of the same name by the Texan writer Patricia Highsmith.


In the first few minutes we are already introduced to the grumpy Eliezer Shkolnik and his annoyance of being in a certain solemnity. His son managed to develop much better and his profession, receiving several awards and honors that never filled the hands of old Eliezer. The Organized Researcher (always close to his yellow earplug) has been walking for forty years, always taking the same route from his home to the national library. Among some curious facts about his life, he refused to cancel his course at college even though he only had one student enrolled. The only happiness we noticed was to have received, years ago, a mention in a footnote in a book by a famous author. He has a troubled relationship with his only son, he is jealous of his achievements. One day, the phone rings and the old researcher receives the news he has wanted so much: he will receive the highest research award in his country. However, due to a mistake, the story changes, taking all the characters to the limits of their patience.

Hate Network

In the plot, we meet the young and ambitious Tomasz Giemza (Maciej Musialowski, in stagnant performance) who comes from humble origins, from the interior of Poland and has his studies supported by rich uncles from the capital. Envious of what others have and he doesn’t, he has an obsession with his family that helps him in his studies. When the protagonist loses his scholarship due to plagiarism in a work, his world begins to fall apart and he, in love with Gabi (Vanessa Aleksander), daughter of the uncles who supported her studies, joins a controversial digital marketing team where she begins to get involved with defamation and hatred against certain targets through social networks.


Oscar winner and many other awards, Parasite tells the saga of Kim Ki-woo (Woo-sik Choi) and his entire unemployed family. Spending his days looking out the window of the underground house where they live, Kim Ki-woo gets a unique opportunity through a friend who is going to travel: to be an English teacher for a young millionaire. Thus, using all his facets of a big stick guy, he gradually installs jobs in the young woman’s family for her entire family. When certain situations happen, the crooked family will need to make choices that will change the course of this impactful story.

Young adults

To what extent can we cling to a past that no longer exists? the new movie of Jason Reitman talks about depression, envy and desire for the happiness of others with a strong dramatic charge associated with a very original protagonist very well played by the Oscar winner, Charlize Theron. the competent Rolfe Kent sign the nice trail.

The big trick

Directed by Christopher Nolan and available in the HBO Max catalog, The big trick takes us to 19th century London where two illusionists become rival magicians who get into an obsessive feud. The project is based on the book of the same name by Christopher Priest.

While you sleep

In the story, we follow the doorman (Caesar) of a building. At first everything seems normal, until little by little we are introduced to the mind of this curious character. Completely insane pours unhappiness around you, as this is a remedy for your sadness and loneliness. He is on the verge of suicide at many times, especially when he feels overwhelmed by the negative reasonings of his troubled mind. Carlos’ new obsession has only one name: Clara. Completely without judgment, every dawn, he invades this resident’s apartment, applies a dormancy mechanism and lies down next to her. As the days of the week go by, the obsession only grows, Clara’s luck is that some events will jeopardize the continuity of Caesar’s madness.

The House

In the plot, we meet the publicist Javier (Javier Gutierrez), a man who always had good jobs, lived in great places, and one day ends up losing all the status he gained after being fired and never getting another job, often because he was considered too old for some companies. Having to re-engineer his life financially, he needs to sell the luxurious apartment he used to live in with his family. But the days go by and Javier can’t stay away from the apartment, even breaking into it several times to find out more about the life of the new resident, the vice president of a transport company Tomás (Mario Casas). Thus begins an obsession that will have a tragic fate for some.

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