10 Movies and Series That Honor Queen Elizabeth II

Today, September 08, 2022, the world was surprised by the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The iconic monarch and symbol of pop culture reigned for seven decades, as the longest-running ruler in British history and spanning most of the 20th and early 21st centuries, she transcended the political sphere and became the emblem of an era. , which earned him several tributes in the audiovisual sector. In memory of her legacy, we share with you readers of CinePop10 series and movies that paid tribute to the unforgettable Queen Elizabeth II.

10 – ‘Minions’ – Telecine

the first film of minions tells the story of the little yellow creatures passing through different countries, but, by the way, it is at Buckingham Palace that Kevin and company settles down, for they needed to steal the crown of Queen Elizabeth II to deliver to the villain Scalert Overkill.

9 – ‘Downton Abbey – The Movie’ – Netflix

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The series that for almost a decade won fans around the world won its first feature film in 2019, and the main plot revolves precisely around a visit from the queen and king of England to the dependencies of Crawley.

8 – ‘Corgi: Top Dog’ – Telecine

Everything revolving around the British royal family comes under the watchful lens of the film world, and in 2018 even the Queen Elizabeth won his own animated feature.

7 – ‘The Queen’ – Globoplay

film that earned the Oscar for Best Actress in 2007 for the veteran Helen Mirrenwhich gives life to Elizabeth II in a clipping of his life shortly after the car accident that killed Lady Di.

6 – ‘007’ – Prime Video

For those who don’t know, the franchise ‘007‘ only happens because of British royalty – more specifically, because of the Queen Elizabeth. This because James Bond is a secret spy acting on behalf of the British crown. As all the stories revolve around this, we leave here only a video in which bond and the Queen appear side by side in the opening of the olympics of London, 2012.

5 – ‘The King’s Speech’ – HBO Max

winner of Oscar for Best Picture in 2011the feature tells the story of the prince Alfred, who had a severe stuttering problem and needed to speak in public. The film shows the young princess Elizabeth of Yorklived by Freya Wilson.

4 – ‘Spencer’ – Prime Video

One of the favorites to Oscars 2022 sheds light on the last moments in the life of the Princess Dianalived by Kristen Stewart. in the plot, Diana travels to the royals’ country house for the holidays, and there he meets the rigid Queen Elizabeth II (Stella Gonet).

3 – ‘Run the police are coming’ – Prime Video

This is an old one, and it shows how much Elizabeth II has always been dear to the audiovisual sector. The 1988 feature tells the story of a clumsy police officer who unintentionally discovers a plot to assassinate the Queen of England.

2 – ‘Elizabeth: The Queen Behind the Crown’ – Globoplay

On account of the queen’s platinum jubilee, the Globoplay brought here this documentary that seeks to show precisely the humanity of the person Elizabethin addition to the title of monarch.

1 – ‘The Crown’ – Netflix

We couldn’t leave out the most bombastic adaptation of the life of British royalty, which won numerous world awards and helped the current generation to connect more with the life of the English monarchy, especially with that of Queen Elizabethlived with mastery by the actress Claire Foy. All four seasons are available on Netflix.

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