10 Movies That Address Intense Conflicts in RELATIONSHIPS

Some of the most intense dramatic films are focused on the crisis in relationships. Not only romantic relationships, but between members of the same family, between friends, etc. Showing the details, the emotional conflicts, the choices, the dilemmas, the dialogues that are often dense and full of intensity is not an easy task. Seeking to reflect on some works that are within this universe mentioned, it follows below 10 movies that tackle intense conflict in relationships:

Dinner with Friends

In the plot, we meet the food critics Gabe (Dennis Quaid) and Karen (Andie MacDowell), a passionate couple who travel a lot. One day, he invites his best friends over for dinner, the couple Beth (Toni Collette) and Tom (Greg Kinnear), but only the first appears and soon drops a bombshell: she is separating from her husband. The news takes Gabe and Karen by surprise and over the course of intense conversations we understand how this fact ends up changing the way everyone sees their own relationships.

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the refuge

It’s not quite power, it’s not quite greed, it’s selfishness. Putting us under the gazes within the four walls of a relationship’s decline the refuge shows us the currents of breaking through the weaknesses best known to human beings. Here there are no dilemmas, there are inconsequential certainties, something that somehow shapes the entire trajectory of all the members of this family. In his second feature film as director (the first was the great Martha Marcy MayMarlene), Canadian filmmaker Sean Durkin manages to reflect through the tense abstract path of lost emotions.

The Truths

In the plot, we meet the police officer Joshua (Lázaro Ramos), a man who returns to a city where he lived for many years to take up a new post at the city police station. In his first case, he finds himself involved in the assassination attempt on Valmir (Zécarlos Machado), a candidate for mayor. Thus, three versions of the events that took place in this situation come to him, the version of a killer named Cicero (Thomas Aquinas), the version of the candidate for mayor and the version of the candidate’s fiancée, Francisca (Bianca Bin), this, an old love of Joshua. Throughout the 103 minutes of projection, we seek together with the character to understand what actually happened in this story.

just between us

Talking about relationships, family and infidelity on the surface, the Croatian director Rajko Grlicwho directed the great Karaula (2006), presents the public with a modern fable about love and desire, set in a cold Europe but with tireless burning impulses. Grlic’s camera deserves to be highlighted because it manages to find the ways to translate to the public every detail of the actions, many of them thoughtless, by the characters.

Egon Schiele

In the plot, we meet the young Egon Schiele (Noah Saavedra), an artist from a European region who lives like an indomitable in search of opening to the world the truths he sees in his mind. Set in Vienna in the early 20th century, we navigate subplots that explain Egon’s relationship to the world around him. Your great love Wally (Valerie Pachner), practically immortalized in one of his most famous works and his relationship with Gerti (Maresi Riegner), his jealous sister who falls in love with one of her friends. A cause of scandal because of his art, the young painter attracts the prying eyes of other artists, including Gustav Klimt (Cornelius Obonya).

the day after

In the plot, we meet Song Areum (Min-hee Kim), a young woman who goes to the first day of her new job at a small publishing house run by Kim Bongwan (Hae-hyo Kwon). Identifying too much with his new boss during the long dialogues that the two participate over a lunch, everything went very well. But at some point during the day, his boss’s wife shows up by surprise and starts to talk to Areum about a possible betrayal with her husband. From there, we embark on a journey towards the truths of this delicate situation, especially when Kim Bongwan’s true lover returns to the scene.

Monsieur & Madame Adelman

In the plot, early on there is a funeral for an important writer in the world of French literature, so a journalist is sent there to interview his lifelong companion. With the recorder on, this unforgettable story begins, with many truths and an impactful twist. Thus, we get to know Victor in more detail (Nicolas Bedos) and Sarah (Doria Tillier) a couple in love that will live together for decades in search of accomplishments, a happy home, professional desires, always giving a lot of support to the other even with all the problems that occur. This modern romance saga begins in the 1970s, where Sarah meets Victor in a seedy Paris nightclub and falls head over heels in love. In the following months, there is the first mismatch and they meet again to live a lifetime with each other by their side. The feature is divided into 14 chapters, over 120 minutes of projection, has a sexy footprint, is engaging, mixing hilarious dialogues and unusual situations. And, perhaps best of all, a sweeping finale that will leave the audience quite surprised.

Gone Girl

In the plot, we meet the good guy Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck), a man who has a marriage of appearances with his beautiful wife Amy (Rosamund Pike). One day, after waking up early and going to visit his sister at the bar they own, Nick returns home, sees broken objects, blood and doesn’t find Amy. So he decides to call the police. After that, his life will not be the same, because, as new clues and secrets appear, many clues are slowly linking Nick to the disappearance of his wife.

I would get the worst news from your pretty lips

A carnal love and a love of consideration, all in the form of filmed poetry. In the work of directors Beto Brant and Renato Ciasca, I would get the worst news from your beautiful ones Lips, we are introduced to Lavinia, a complicated woman who has gone through many phases in her troubled life. She lives in a love triangle with a pastor and a photographer, which leads them to an exhaustion to the soul, ending in a denouement beyond symbolic. With a slow pace at times, especially at the beginning, the viewer may have great difficulty connecting with the story, however, he already follows the advice of this seventh art lover: No matter how slow, watch it until the end , it is a magnificent work!

My country

In the film, a successful man has to hurry back from the city where he lives (some Italian) to Brazil because of the death of his father. Arriving in his homeland, he meets his brother again and discovers that his father had another very special daughter. The impact of the young woman’s arrival generates consequences that fall on the already deteriorated relationship of the family.

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