10 Must-See 90s Classics to Watch on HBO Max Before the Platform Ends!

Recently, Warner released a note confirming the end of the streaming platform’s activities. HBO Max. One of cinema’s biggest, most powerful and long-time behemoths, Warner Bros. is a true pillar of Hollywood. The studio has just changed its management, with David Zaslav assuming the position of CEO of the company. The fact may have a direct connection with the new proposal for closure and change in streaming, as Zaslav in a short time he became known for severe and radical attitudes, such as canceling the film batgirlpractically ready and scheduled to premiere in 2022. According to the new CEO, the film was simply not good and the fans didn’t deserve to receive it – thus, the work was “thrown in the trash” and Warner will receive a tax deduction.

The news that arrives now is that Warner, after merging with Discovery, will merge Discovery+ channels with HBO Max into a single streaming service, creating a new platform. This will mean a new change at HBO in a very short time, as HBO Max has been operating for just over 2 years – and previously HBO Go was its streaming service. Closing the platform Max it should take place in mid-2023. We still don’t know more information, such as whether old subscribers will be automatically migrated to the new service. In any case, before the end of HBO Max, we decided to list 10 unmissable classics from the 90’s for you to check out on the platform before it’s too late. Check it out below.

Considered one of the best mafia films in the history of cinema and the only one that can actually stand up to the The Godfather and its sequel, this dramatic thriller is directed by none other than the master Martin Scorsese, considered the greatest film director still in activity. But not just that, the good companions it still has the morals of being considered by at least half of its fans as the best film of Scorsese’s career, that is, it’s no small feat. In the plot, based on a book and a true story, Henry Hill narrates his trajectory when being patronized in the mafia becoming one of its most important members. The actor Ray Liottawho plays the protagonist Henry, passed away recently and reviewing the film is an excellent way to honor him.

And if the above item is considered the best mafia movie of all time by many, here we have a copy that can be considered the best western of all time. It is certainly the best in the opinion of this one who speaks to you. Here we have the masterpiece of Clint Eastwood – considered also the last great western of the cinema and the last of the genre in the traditional sense in which the veteran Clint has worked. Here, Eastwood produces, directs and stars as Bill Munny, a character that is the summary of all the others played by the actor in films like this. Here, the star was already at an advanced age, so it’s interesting to think of the protagonist as the most mature phase of any of the other gunslingers that Eastwood made famous in his career. He married and raised a family, retiring from the shootings. But after his wife dies and his farm is nearly bankrupt, he has one last big job to do. But he’s got a hardline sheriff ahead of him. The Unforgivables won the Oscar for best picture and the cast also has Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman.

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We already had the best mafia movie and the best movie western on the list. Now it’s time for the best prison movie for the vast majority of moviegoers. Not only that, A dream of freedom it is, even today, the favorite movie of all time for users of the biggest movie site on the internet, IMDB. Based on a tale of Stephen Kingthe feature tells the story of Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins), the new inmate at the fictional Shawshank maximum security prison in Maine in the 1940s. The point is, Andy swears together that he is innocent and was wrongly convicted of killing his wife, whom he discovered was him. betraying. Thus, he faces the dilemmas of the place, faces the rigor and corruption of the prison director, and even manages to make friends with several prisoners, especially Red, role of Morgan Freeman.

Among the must-see films of the 90s, it is clear that a production by the director could not be missing. Quentin Tarantino. And she arrives with what is still considered by many to be her best film. What is undeniable was that pulp Fiction arrived as a watershed in the filmmaker’s career and would change cinema forever. The film was revolutionary and very influential, bearing fruit to this day with its narrative style. Were it not for the touch of Tarantino, the feature would be just another of the mafia genre. It turns out that the director and screenwriter was able to apply his unique flavor to the plot, where the characters spoke in a natural and uncompromising way, as if they were real people like you and me, and not characters in a movie. This was the seasoning introduced by Tarantino in pulp Fictionwhere criminals arrive to kill a disaffected person and before they talk about everyday facts such as foot massages.

This list is definitely full of great iconic moments of the seventh art, admired and studied until today. All contained in HBO Max to be enjoyed at the touch of a finger. The 90’s hold some of the most cult films of all decades of Hollywood and when we talk about romance, ten out of ten moviegoers would mention it. before dawn in the top 10 of all time. Written and directed by Richard Linklatera filmmaker known for his candid and realistic look at the behavior of young people, here he realizes a simple premise, but that was certainly the dream of many young people: falling in love with a foreign person in an exotic country while traveling. Ethan Hawke is an American boy falling in love with a French girl (role of Julie Delpy) on a train in Vienna. The two spend an entire day together until the next morning. The film spawned two sequels spaced ten years apart.

We’ve had good examples of genres like Mafia, Western, Prison and Romance so far on the list. Now it’s the turn of an excellent courtroom drama – which is not by chance considered one of the great examples of its subgenre, one that addresses a very dignified and still very much on the agenda: structural racism. In the 90’s things were even worse, even more so when we talk about the South of the USA, a region that defended slavery and still has crooked thoughts ingrained in its society. In this scenario, a black man (Samuel L. Jackson) needs to take the law into his own hands after his daughter is raped and nearly murdered by two white men who would get away with crime. It is up to the idealistic lawyer lived by Matthew McConaughey defend him from the death penalty. The film served as a watershed in the actor’s career, introducing him to the world. And the cast also has Sandra Bullock – in what many consider his best film.

Now we have another master in charge of this work, Paul Thomas Anderson. Here, the filmmaker decides to invest behind the scenes of the pornographic industry at the height of its boom: the 1970s. This was the time when this type of adult production was even released on the big screen and generated millions of dollars in revenue. The film also doubles as a love letter to one of Hollywood’s most underrated veterans, the late badass Burt Reynolds – who wins here the role of his life in the skin of a producer of the porn world with a good heart. Boogie Nights still served to reveal Mark Wahlbergwho lives the protagonist, a young man dazzled by this world, becoming a star due to… his dowry.

Above when I mentioned time to killI managed to omit the presence of the “damn” Kevin Spacey in the cast, since other actors have more important roles than him in the feature. But here, this task will be more difficult, taking into account that spacey takes the lead role in this still very dear work by the director Sam Mendes (1917). As much as Spacey is a non-grateful figure for everyone and anyone nowadays, we shouldn’t completely disregard the films he was in – after all a film production is the set of work of several other people, no matter how much some scoundrels are starring . Here, he lives the father of a family similar to those in the margarine commercial. But we only have to take a second look to notice the huge cracks in this structure. Annette Bening steals many of the scenes in the role of his wife.

Speaking of directors who were true masters of cinema, one that will constantly appear in the list of nine out of ten cinephiles and professionals in the medium is Stanley Kubrick. In the curriculum of this legend of the seventh art, some of the most appreciated masterpieces of all time and still much debated, such as 2001 – A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, lolita and The illuminated. The 90s brought us his last work, as the director passed away before being able to see the result of his farewell song ready. it’s about the movie Eyes Wide Shut, an incursion into the underworld of a New York imagined by Kubrick, where the rich and powerful meet in a very private club, for carnal exchanges. A world that is alien to the population and that only belongs to a select few. In the middle of one of the strangest nights of his life, the doctor played by Tom Cruise. After his wife’s confession of betrayal, he plays for his then-wife in real life Nicole Kidmanthe subject decides to “get lost” in the city, in which it will be not only the most unusual night of his life, but also the most dangerous.

Closing the list of outstanding films of the 90s, we now have one that remains cult to this day, aging well like a good wine, even after more than 20 years after its debut. In fact, Fight Clubin David Finchercontinues to gain new fans over time, with new generations rediscovering it with each new cycle. Fight Club it was also one of those revolutionary films and far ahead of its time – which would easily apply its plot to the times we are currently living, reinforcing its timeless characteristic. In history, Edward Norton plays an apathetic young man, with no pleasure in his life, who divides his time between work and home, following the flow of what normative society has planned for him. It is then that he meets Tyler, the character from Brad Pitt, the two befriend and soon sparks fly from this explosive mixture. To vent the stress of everyday life, the duo creates the fight club, a place for ordinary citizens to hang out. This, however, is only the first step of an anarchic revolution of the working proletariat.

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