10 National Films in Production for You to Watch!

We have many reasons to celebrate, because in recent decades Brazilian cinema has become increasingly plural and has reached every corner of the Brazilian territory. How do we know that our readers of the CinePOP a-do-ram a novelty, we prepared a short list of 10 Brazilian films currently in production for you to stay tuned in the coming months! Check it out!

10 – ‘Ecolucos – An Unbearable Comedy’

A company that is a benchmark in sustainable practices is led by three executives who have habits that are not at all correct in relation to the environment. Therefore, they are invited to participate in a reality show that promises to transform their bad attitudes. THE comedy scheduled to debut in the first half of 2023 and bring in the list Maria Paula Brazil, Robson Nunes and Cristiana Oliveira.

9 – ‘Our Dream’

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You hear ‘Our dream‘ and immediately feels like singing “It can’t end…”. Well then you know the duo’s most famous song claudinho and cheek. The story of the country’s two greatest funk melody singers is being turned into a film with Lucas Hairstyle and Juan Paiva in the main roles.

8 – ‘Mussum, O Filmis’

Here comes the movie Mussum! The recordings took place in February of this year and it is the actor’s debut film. Silvio Guindane in the direction. produced by Globo Filmesbring Ailton Graça in the role of the comedian and the aesthetic and corporeal resemblance between the actor and the beloved comedian is chilling. The cast has Cacao Protasium as the protagonist’s mother and Yuri Marcal like the young man Carlinhos. Keep an eye out because it’s those movies that should make you laugh and cry and win many awards!

7 – ‘Wanted a Husband’

First feature film based on best seller namesake of the Brazilian writer Carina Rissibrings the couple (from real life) Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo in the cast and the recordings already took place at the beginning of this year. No premiere date yet, however, the launch will be exclusive on the platform of HBO Max.

6 – ‘Enaldinho in an Infinite Night’

Internet phenomenon, success in web series and with the book ‘The Legend of Zap‘, the digital influencer enaldinho prepares to take his first feature film to the big screen. The film ‘Enaldinho in an Infinite Night‘ was recorded in 2021 and bring enaldinho and the gang at camp to try to help a friend have fun without the need to be connected. However, when they discover that they will have to face the dark world’s worst enemy head on, zap, the adventure starts to get more and more dangerous. Still without a premiere date, the feature is distributed by Image Films.

5 – ‘Stomach 2 – The Mighty Chef’

Fifteen years after the release of the first film, filming began last April for the sequel to ‘Stomach‘, entitled ‘Stomach 2 – The Mighty Chef‘. Recorded in the south of Brazil and with scenes shot in Italy, the feature shows more of the life of Nonato Rosemary in jail and what happens when he gets out of prison, on a stay in Italy. With João Miguel again as the protagonist and Paulo Miklos and project in the cast, the premiere of the feature is scheduled for the second half of 2023.

4 – ‘Lost’

Carina Rissi it has everything! Your book ‘lost‘ is also in production at the moment, being adapted for the audiovisual. Scheduled to debut in 2023bring Giovanna Grigio like the protagonist Sofia, who is terrified of the word “marriage”. produced by disney/StarPlusthe feature also brings Bruno Montaleone in the cast.

3 – ‘Saraliaeleia’

Recorded in 2021 in the paradisiacal Maragogi, in Alagoas, the comedy ‘Saraliaeleia‘ tells the story of three friends – Monica Carvalho, Danielle Winits and Michele Muniz – who live very troubled lives and are crossed by the corona virus pandemic. One more comedy with the potential to drag blocks driven by Hsu Chien.

2 – ‘An Unforgettable Year: Autumn’

First film based on the story of the pop writer Baby Dewetthe long ‘An Unforgettable Year: Autumn‘ is also the first film by Lázaro Ramos to the Prime Videoin which he heads the direction of his first musical. In addition, it is the first film that brings the singer Iza acting (in addition to bringing Lulu Santos in the cast) and is the first in a series of four seasonal features to be released on the platform, with stories written by Paula Pepper, Thalita Rebouças and Bruna Vieirainspired by the book of the same name.

1 – ‘Suddenly, Miss!’

New comedy from the dear director Hsu Chientells the story of Monica (Fabiana Karla), who abandoned a promising career in advertising to raise his children and now, on the cusp of turning 40, is unhappy. To regain your daughter’s admiration (Giulia Benite), agrees to travel with her family to the Beach Star Resort, at the invitation of her husband, where she will participate in the Miss Beach Star contest. THE comedy still brings danishe Winits, Nany People and Polly Marine in the cast. The recordings have just been finished and the feature is scheduled to premiere in 2023

Bonus: ‘Funk.doc’ series

I know we’re talking about movies, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for the director’s newest series Luiz Bolognesi: ‘funk.doc‘. There will be 6 episodes telling the beautiful, strong, beautiful and violent story of Brazilian funk. Among the guests, the series will have testimonials from the singer ludmilla.

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