10 Recent Horror Slasher Movies You MUST Check Out!

The slasher genre is one of the best known within the horror universe – and has been conquering moviegoers since its rise in the mid-1970s, with the massive popularization of the first chapter of the saga. ‘Halloween’. Since then, countless productions based on serial killers and a lot, a lot of blood have reached the big screen (some enchanting the public, others failing to fulfill their promises).

With the coming arrival of ‘X – The Mark of Death’ to cinemas (whose premiere is scheduled for August 11th), we decided to prepare a short list listing ten recent slasher movies that you need to check out – whether they are reboots of classic sagas, sequels or original stories.

See our choices below:


Where to watch: Netflix

Max, a high school girl, is the daughter of a late B-movie horror actress. In a special screening of her mother’s smash hit, an accident occurs in the movie theater and, without explanation, she and her friends find themselves caught up in the plot. Pursued by a brutal assassin, they must find a way to defeat the villain and return to the real world.

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Where to watch: Netflix

The film centers on novelist Maddie Toung, who has lived an isolated life since she lost her hearing as a teenager, cloistering herself in a world of total silence. However, when a masked face of a psychotic killer appears in her window, Maddie must go beyond her physical and mental limits to survive.


Where to watch: Prime Video

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