10 Rock Biographies to Stay in the Rock in Rio Mood!

Yes the Rock in Rio 2022 is happening in Rio de Janeiro and many of us are unfortunately left out of the biggest music event on the planet. But that’s no reason to be sad, after all, there are many rock’n’roll stars whose lives have been turned into a movie for us to follow between shows. So, grab the list and enjoy!

10 – ‘Elvis’ – HBO Max

The newest biopic of the King of Rock just left the movie theaters and arrived fresh this week at HBO Max. And if you care that this film is already a sure bet for the Oscars 2023!

9 – ‘Eduardo and Monica’ – Globoplay

Enjoy watching:

Eduardo and Monica‘ is a song by the band rock Legião Urbana, but it transcended the band itself and rocked the lives of many rocker couples in Brazil. In this climate of rocknothing better than reliving teenage love stories.

8 – ‘Elis’ – Netflix

One of the country’s greatest singers, Elis Regina won his biopic in the devastating interpretation of Andréia Horta. It’s one of those films that it’s hard to believe that it’s not a documentary, so real it’s become.

7 – ‘Rocketman’ – Starplus

Elton John is one of the most respected singers in the world, and has participated in some editions of Rock in Rio. In 2019, he won a powerful and colorful musical biopic performed by Taron Egerton.

6 –The Dirt – Mötley Crüe ConfessionsNetflix

One of the most well-known and explosive heavy metal bands, Motley Crue won a movie in 2019 with a cast of familiar faces, which includes Tommy Lee and Mick Mars.

5 – ‘Cazuza – Time Doesn’t Stop’ – HBO Max

Explosive, controversial, romantic, poet. cazuza was a rare meteor that crossed Brazil in the 1980s with the red baronparticipated in the memorable Rock in Rio 1985 and won a film in 2004 under the command of Walter Carvalho and Sandra Werneck.

4 – ‘James Brown – Get Up On’ – Telecine

Singer, dancer and songwriter. James Brown is part of the world rock royalty and in 2014 won a biopic performed by none other than Chadwick Boseman. Unmissable!

3 – ‘Detroit Rock City’ – Globoplay

KISS is one of the biggest bands in the world, and their music pushes boundaries. Reason why the song ‘Detroit Rock City‘ won its own movie, which, of course, also tells part of the band’s history and even features the bassist Gene Simmons.

2 – ‘Ray’ – Apple TV+

This film simply yielded the Jamie Foxx O Oscar for Best Actorsuch is his dedication to interpreting Ray Charlesa musical genius who didn’t let his visual impairment stop him from becoming a musician.

1 – ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ – Netflix

Yes, most people have watched that movie, but it never hurts to reprise’Bohemian Rhapsody‘, not only because it is a film that tells the life of the Freddy Mercurybut mainly because it has the iconic scene of the queen at the Rock in Rio.

Don’t forget to watch:

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