10 ROMANCE Movies to Watch on Streams

Sometimes to make our hearts warm with good feelings, nothing better than a romance movie, of those that hold our attention and let us dream! From the streams available in Brazil, there are a lot of super cool titles with this cut. To help you reader with a range of really cool movies on the subject, follow below, 10 romance movies spread across the streams:

20 Years + Young (First Video)

In this romantic story that addresses the difference between ages, we meet an ambitious fashion editor who is fully dedicated to her career who, after a situation, ends up meeting a 20-year-old young man and decides to embark on this story where she will learn about love.

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How to Destroy a Heart (First Video)

In the unusual plot, in this romantic comedy, we meet a seducer and destroyer of marriages who is hired to end another union but he didn’t expect to find someone who doesn’t give in to his charms.

The Queen’s Lover (First Video)

Directed by Nikolaj Arcelwith a script based on the work Prinsesse af blodetin Bodil Steensen-Leth, The Queen’s Lover takes us back to the 18th century, where a British woman marries a king and becomes queen of Denmark. The arrival of a doctor ends up bringing him closer to the queen. Thus, a love triangle arises.

Right move (Just Wright) (Star +)

Released about 12 years ago, Em Jogada Certa follows a physical therapist who goes to work with a basketball star. She becomes interested in him, and after a serious injury from the sportsman they get to know each other better.

Someone like You (Star+)

Released in March 2001, directed by filmmaker Tony Goldwyn (who is also an actor, he is the villain of ghost!), we meet a producer who, after a heartbreak, begins to study infidelity and relationships, some time later the love variable ends up returning to her life.

One day (Netflix)

In the plot, a man and a woman meet in school and we follow the story of these two hearts always on the same day, July 15, but in different years. Over time, many things happen but the great feeling, confusing for both, was always present there. The unfolding of this eminent destiny is intense, sometimes unfair and full of surprises that leave the audience with a handkerchief in hand.

Love in Game (Star +)

Before becoming a Pop icon in the universe of interviews, Jimmy Fallon did some good work in the world of cinema, like this charisma-filled film called Love in Game. In the movie, we meet a baseball addict who falls in love with a woman and needs to find a balance between those two passions.

10 things I hate about you (Disney+)

when we think about Heath Ledgerthis is one of the first movies that comes to our mind. 10 things I hate about youcurrently available in the Disney+ catalog, shows us a teen drama where a young man tries to win over a girl to help a friend.

moon spell (MGM)

In the plot, we meet Loretta (Cher), an accountant, of Italian descent, who lives with her parents in a large house after the early death of her husband. Without much happiness in life and living a busy daily life with her work, on a dinner night she ends up getting engaged to Johnny Cammareri (Danny Aiello). But a few days pass and something different happens, Loretta ends up meeting Ronny (Nicolas Cage), Johnny’s brother (who hadn’t spoken to his brother in five years), a baker with part of his left hand, and madly in love.

Casablanca (HBO Max)

In the classic film, considered by many to be one of the greatest love stories in the history of cinema, we meet the sullen Rick who, one night at his Casablanca venture, meets the great love of his life, taking them on a journey of memories and choices.

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