10 songs to listen to on Sex Day

on the day of today, September 6thSex Day is celebrated – and the date alludes to the famous sexual position.

The date was established as a marketing strategy by a condom manufacturer, in 2008, and, despite the various memes regarding its celebration, the celebration also serves to demystify taboos about sexual practices, opening an opportunity for discussion about pleasure, health and even the use of methods that prevent the spread of infections.

With that in mind – and looking to make conversations on this topic less cheesy and more natural – the CinePOP prepared a short list bringing ten songs to listen to this daycontemplating, essentially, the sensual production and lyrics that talk about pleasure.

Check out our picks below:

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Starting his career in 1979, Anita Ward is best known for her classic hit “Ring My Bell”, one of the most addictive songs ever released. The song is the singer’s only major hit and is about a woman who encourages her partner to relax after a long day at work – with a sexual connotation that is reflected in the song’s title and caused quite a stir at the time of its release. .



If you think talking about sex today is a difficult task, imagine the 1990s within American society. Even facing the fury of conservatives, the trio known as Salt-N-Pepa took advantage of its growing popularity in the mainstream to bring to life “Let’s Talk About Sex”a very explicit and necessary song that talks about the positive and negative sides of sex and the taboos that discussions on this topic brought at the time.

With ‘In The Zone’a watershed in Spears’ career, the pop princess isn’t afraid to experiment – and “Breathe on Me” is the best representative of this boldness. The album’s fourth track, by far the greatest masterpiece he’s ever released, is inexcusably sexual, immersive and sensory in every way – a spectacular infusion of techno, dance, hi-NRG and trip-hop that coalesces into a cohesion of breathtaking.

the sensual music “Skin” It wasn’t released as a single, but it’s certainly one of the best entries on the album. ‘loud’in Rihanna. The R&B exaltation brings very characteristic vocals to the singer-songwriter and revolves around a relationship in which the main desire is to feel each other’s skin in a romantic and sexual bond. Even the performance of the song on the artist’s tours is part of a kind of daring and breathtaking provocation.


In 2013, Lady Gaga went far beyond what we could imagine with her discography: she continued to invest in anthems of self-acceptance and empowerment through topics considered taboo by an overly conservative society that did not allow women to speak openly about their desires and fetishes. “When I lay in bed, I touch myself and think of you”, from the underrated track “Sexxx Dreams”is the phrase that sums up everything Gaga has had the luxury of saying on her third studio album, ‘ARTPOP’suffering reprisal or not.

“PARTITION”, Beyonce

Extolling voyeuristic culture, “Partition” in question is part of the legendary album ‘BEYONCE’ and brings cabaret elements to a sensual and empowered protagonist who speaks openly about sexuality. Here, the artist lives a rich and bored housewife whose most ardent desires are shown through flashes and an ode to the dreamlike and the extravagant.


Jessie Ware exhaled all its glory with the sensory refinement of ‘What’s Your Pleasure?’ – and the album’s title track is everything we’d expect from a work of this caliber. Feeding on a more mature record and diving headlong into uptempo recreations of EDM (being inspired by Lady Gaga), the vocal subtlety and dreamlike atmosphere are enough to get us off the ground. The delicious instrumental and lyrical construction is full of ambiguities – and the singer’s own sighs give rise to what it means to desire someone as ardently as possible.

“GOOD IN BED”, Dua Lipa

“Good In Bed”a track born from the cross between the art of Lizzo it’s from Amy Winehouse, brings provocative and captivating beats and a lyrical so fun and ironic that it couldn’t be left out of our list. Here, Dua Lipa demonstrates that he can do whatever he wants in his acclaimed album ‘Future Nostalgia’ and talks about a relationship that doesn’t seem to work in any way – except in bed, where burning passion is what unites them.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion brought all the chemistry and sensuality possible to the perfect amalgamation between dirty rap and hip hop from “WAP”, one of the biggest collaborations of the year. Through poignant and very explicit verses, the song wins our hearts (and our playlists) mainly for its messages in accordance with the sex-positive movement and the exaltation of the female body.

“Oxytocin”easily the most amazing entry of the incredible ‘Happer Than Ever’is a cryptic and narcotic journey meticulously engineered by Billie Eilish, mimicking and synthesizing trance into something unique and rarely found in today’s mainstream scene. The suggestive title hides nothing behind the harrowing lines that denote a belated control of women’s freedom and that don’t think twice before “poking” a condemnable traditionalism.

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