In our special warm-up this week, we’re separating 13 super special tips from just filmmakers that we’re going to recommend and are available on the most popular streamings. Consecrated productions, which not only gave something to talk about when they debuted, but which were important for the genre or idea they address.

We also list films that represent specific categories, either with a surprising ending, for being a classic, for being a symbol of Brazilian or even South American cinema, for bringing technical innovations or even winning important awards, such as Cannes or the Oscar, where everyone is available at HBO Max.

And don’t forget to comment if you’ve already seen them all and if there are others just as good in HBO Max that deserves a place in part two of this list. And stay tuned for more tips from other streamings like Star+, Netflix It is amazon prime. Let’s go!

Private Desert (2021)

Directed by the great Aly Muritibathe mind behind ‘For My Dead Beloved‘ It is ‘The Evandro Case‘, ‘Private Desert‘ has a first act completely different from what the film will become over the course of the plot, much for the work to express how mundane and common his character is. Then, the true plot is revealed, the passion of a policeman, white and from the South for a transvestite boy from the Northeast, is that we see several layers being treaded on screen, either from a social point of view or in terms of feelings. No wonder, the film was Brazil’s representative at the Oscars.

Malignant (2021)

Definitely, ‘Malignant‘ was one of the most surprising horror films of recent years within the mainstream, as it was directed by James Wan, well-known filmmaker and creator of emblematic franchises of the style, such as ‘Saw’ and ‘The Conjuring’. Wan this time was more authorial than ever, he took the giallo cinema aesthetic, mixed it with his dark style and created a simply terrifying ending. Not to mention all the comic book language, where the main character looks like a cross between Corvo and a contorted monster. Bright!

Fight Club (1999)

David Fincher is today one of the great American filmmakers in activity, mainly for two films: ‘Seven‘ and absolutely brilliant ‘Fight Club‘. The film starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt shaped a generation, it was the punch in the minds of many people who live in inertia and who finally woke up, when they understood the functioning of many things within society. In addition, the film has an exquisite script and an impeccable narrative drive, building everything to reach the desired climax. A true young classic.

Pulp Fiction: Time of Violence (1994)

Quentin Tarantino had already left many people crazy with the equally brilliant ‘Rent dogs‘, but with ‘pulp Fiction‘ the filmmaker reached a narrative maturity that placed him on the level of the great authors of modern cinema. Telling an absolutely insane plot, through an even crazier and bolder format, Tarantino fits several stories within a story that at many times seems meaningless, and yet still delivers several scenes that were marked in the history of cinema.

Moonlight: Under the Moonlight (2017)

A24’s Oscar-winning film, ‘moonlight‘ is an unforgettable intimate show that will touch each spectator in a different way. If the film can be seen as being about the search for an identity, it never loses its own, taking big steps towards an uncertain future, but full of life, choices, impositions and, yes, love. A film that has an immense amount of great performances and delivers far beyond the style features.

Player No. 1 (2018)

Steven Spielberg returns to science fiction with ‘Player No. 1‘. Based on a book by Ernest Cline, the film actually seems like an excuse to pay a colossal homage to pop culture in general. It’s an ode to music (with passages from Van Halen, Duran Duran and New Order); an ode to cinema (and in that sense, I think it is not possible to measure the number of referenced productions, but things like ‘Back to the Future’, ‘The Shining’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Star Trek’, ‘Iron Giant’ It is ‘Monty Python’ – even having a self-reference to ‘Jurassic Park’); and also an ode to games, why not.

Among the many passages of ‘Halo’, ‘Overwatch’, ‘Final Fantasy’, ‘Warcraft’, ‘Street Fighter’ and the like, there is also a first metalanguage in the conception of the world, which is called there Oasis. Then in the avatars used as a form of interaction between people. Where many live inmates to this. Above all, Player N1 is a young film. Extremely up-to-date in his language, in the themes addressed and mainly in his characters, the old man Spielberg, at the height of his 71 years, shows young people why he is considered the father of world pop culture. An invigorating work that brings the magic and nostalgia of classics we saw in the old days. And whether or not it will become a classic too, only time will tell.

Suicide squad (2021)

Two cases did the ‘Suicide squad‘ in James Gunn be even more surprising: 1) the fact that the previous film, directed by David Ayer, being a true crime, a movie so bad and messed up that it was completely ignored with the release of its sequel; 2) after because Gunn had literally been kicked out of Marvel after discovering old tweets that burned his movie.

Enraged, the director delivered one of the most inspired comic book films in history. Full of thematic and narrative elements, which even borrowed ideas from Japanese productions, assembled a new group of heroes who, while being strange, were also violent and brutal, not to mention the way in which Gunn manages to create the atmosphere of threat, since at any moment one of its protagonists could die. Even Harley Quinn has been reinvented. Amazing!

batman (2021)

The Batman of Robert Pattinson, an actor who was a perfect match for this approach, also emerges as an original aspect within the production as a whole. That’s because, for the first time in live-action, we have the interpretation of the Dark Knight acting as a true detective. There are recurring moments when we see Batman present at the crime scenes with the police or even Alfred (Andy Serkis) investigating the crime scenes or trying to solve the Riddler’s riddles. And speaking of who is the main villain, it’s impressive what Paul Dano is able to do when he plays these exaggerated weird types, not falling behind, for example, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.

The Scammers (2019)

This film took everyone by surprise, for bringing a Jennifer Lopez more sensual than ever, but at the same time for displaying a very human character capable of anything for her daughter. The plot focuses on Destiny’s life, which changes forever when she befriends Ramona, who shows her how to deal with the wealthy clientele at the club where she works as a stripper. But when the financial crisis hits, the friends find the decline in Wall Street clients taking a toll on their profitability. With that, they decide to devise a daring scheme to get their lives back. A sexy, pulsating film with an exciting story.

Mad Max – Fury Road (2015)

More than 20 years after the third film, George Miller returned with a production that is considered by many to be the greatest film of the last decade, because ‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘, in addition to being a roaring action film, features some of the greatest scenes made in recent times. Cars and trucks exploding in the middle of the desert, fights everywhere, insanity in every shot created and, above all, remarkable characters, who, not by chance, will gain their own stories, see Furiosa. It’s hard for anything to come close to Fury Road when it comes to action.

Wild reports (2014)

Argentine cinema has always boasted brilliant films, as well as Ricardo Darin he has always been present as one of the most important actors in the history of the Brothers. In Wild Tales he is only in one of the six stories, which basically focus on everyday revenge. From an angry passenger on the plane or even a traffic fight, to a marriage filled with betrayals and stories of local gangs, all common cases that, from the point of view of the feature, seem absolutely insane.

The big Gatsby (2013)

luhrmann it succeeds most of the time precisely by lending energy and color to Fitzgerald’s evocative words while staying true to its plot. ‘The big Gatsby‘ will fill your eyes, make you laugh and cry and in the end, may leave you with an empty feeling in your chest. Perhaps, after seeing the film, you will understand a little better how Nick Carraway felt when narrating his story. It’s an impressive visual film, soundtrack that has everything to burst and plot well tied. It’s worth checking out this classy movie.

The illuminated (1980)

Talk and recommend a movie like ‘The illuminated‘ is sheer redundancy. It is a film that challenges the senses, that makes us immerse ourselves in a world from which we even have difficulty returning, such is the immersion that the tape provides. AND Kubrick showing absolute mastery over yet another genre film and over cinema itself. With scenes so beautiful that they are hypnotic and with a frightening technical rigor. All this to create an oppressive atmosphere, where a family is terrorized by the inner afflictions of a father who becomes the craziest figure cinema has ever seen.

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