38% of Brazilians play video games daily, research shows

Do you play video games daily? If your answer is yes, you are part of the 38% of Brazilians who choose this activity as a form of entertainment every day, according to the latest study carried out by GfKa company specialized in market research.

According to the survey, this number represents an increase in the number of people who play games every day compared to last year. Of this total, Millennials are the most active generation, representing 42% of the public.

There was also an increase in the sale of game-related products. Brazil is the largest in Latin America, with 86% of the public preferring cell phones to play games, 74% using computers and, finally, 56% preferring consoles.

PCs are used more for gaming than consoles, data show (Reproduction)Source: Shutterstock

Also according to the data, 89% of Brazilian homes use smartphones; 64% have at least one laptop; and 69% have at least one Smart TV. In the rest of Latin America, these figures are 83%, 59% and 64%, respectively.

Brazilians also have defined preferred game genres, according to GfK data. Action and adventure titles are sought after by 48% of users. Shooters come in second at 42%, while strategy games come in third at 40%.

Most Expensive Gaming Retail in 2022

In terms of sales and prices, 2022 has performed below average when compared to previous years. “The global market is facing a slowdown and this is largely due to the rise in prices, which has been felt since mid-2020”, comments Ricardo Moura, GfK Solutions director in Brazil.

The average price of consoles, for example, has increased significantly since before the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2019, when it averaged BRL 1,621. Until May 2022, the average value was BRL 3,114.

As a result, unit sales and revenue have dropped considerably this year, especially when compared to the previous three years, as shown in the comparative tables below:

The sale of game-related products fell in 2022 (Reproduction)The sale of game-related products fell in 2022 (Reproduction)Source: GfK

Revenue has also fallen in several categories since 2019 (Reproduction)Revenue has also fallen in several categories since 2019 (Reproduction)Source: GfK

Finally, the smartphone market also suffered in 2022, with a -18% drop in total units sold in the second quarter of this year. But 5G models saw a 199% increase over the same period. It is worth remembering that another study this year indicated that Brazilians want 5G, although they do not know the technology well.

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