5 Movies that show the genius of Paddy Considine, King Viserys from House of the Dragon!

Born on September 5, 1973 in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England, the talented actor and director Paddy Considine caught everyone’s attention recently for his masterful performance as King Viserys in The House of the Dragon. But for those who didn’t know it yet, know that this exceptional artist has an enviable curriculum, with impressive works in the seventh art for a long time.

In his training, in the early 90’s he studied Performing Arts at Burton College, four years later he entered another college, this time to study photography at the University of Brighton. Then he worked on some short films until he got his first starring role in the year 2000, the film was last resort directed by Polish filmmaker Paweł Pawlikowski (Cold War, Ida). As an actor, he has worked in powerful dramatic films such as the wonderful dreamland. He also participated in well-known series such as peaky blinders It is The Outsider.

Image from the movie: Redeeming Revenge

But as a director he shone even more, with a short called Dog Altogetherwinner of the Silver Lion for Best Short Film at the 2007 Venice Film Festival and the feature films Journeyman: Will to Win (excellent!) and his career masterpiece tyrannosaurus.

For those who don’t know his great films, below are some suggestions of works that show the genius of Paddy Considine:

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redeeming revenge

An eye for an eye, pain for pain. In just over 80 minutes of projection, redeeming revenge takes us to a wide and deep analysis of the punishment, the punishment, we follow the one-way road of a man going after revenge after his soul deteriorates shortly after a tragedy. Directed by British filmmaker Shane Meadowsthe film has a remarkable soundtrack in addition to an explosive performance by the excellent Paddy Considine.


In the plot, we meet Joseph, a man surrounded by disappointments and who is on the verge of madness, completely dominated by the hatred he feels. One day, after drinking them all in one afternoon, he ends up at Hannah’s store, a friendly saleswoman who also has her everyday problems. Gradually, between one drama and another, a very strong friendship emerges between them that ends up becoming a comfort for these two souls disturbed by ghosts that have haunted them for a long time. That’s the big job as director of King Viserys’ interpreter.


Released 20 years ago, this great film directed by Jim Sheridan tells the story of a family that moves from Ireland to the United States in search of a chance to start life over after trauma. The emotional film was nominated for three Academy Awards in 2004.

My Summer Love

In his second work with the Polish director Paweł Pawlikowski, Paddy Considine is in the cast of the interesting feature film My Summer Love. In the plot, set in the north of England, in Yorkshire, we meet Mona and Tamsin, two young women who gradually get closer and realize that they have a lot to teach each other. This is the first feature film of the career of Emily Blunt.

Journeyman: Out of Combat

The incredible human ability to start over. Imagine a world where you have a beautiful family, are financially stable, and on top of that you’re a world champion in a sport you love. Now imagine that after suffering a head injury, you don’t remember anything and need to relearn everything that revolves around your life. Journeyman: Out of Combat takes us around this section, of a man who needs to reconnect with the world that was taken away from him. Harrowing in many moments, showing the dark and difficult phases of a new beginning, the feature film has a detailed narrative that will thrill even the coldest hearts. Written, directed and starred by the excellent Paddy Considinethe film is not about second chances but about starting over.

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