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Not all gamers are in a position to build turbo-charged PCs to enjoy their favorite games. If this is your case and your PC doesn’t have video card extra, this text is for you.

It is important to remember that all PCs have video cards – the so-called onboard board. What happens is that some people install an extra card in their computer to get more performance in terms of image quality.

Oh, and even if the games mentioned here do not require the card to run, you need to check the configuration required by each of them to see if they will work on your PC. Check out the options;

1. GTA San Andreas

(Source: Softonic)Source: Softonic

Nothing like a classic to start the list. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a milestone in the GTA franchise and also in the history of games. In it, you simply have to explore every corner of San Andreas using everything you have around: cars, motorcycles, helicopters, planes.

To improve life, you need to wage wars against rival gangs and help CJ avenge his family. The soundtrack – it is worth remembering – is unforgettable, being an additional attraction to spend hours playing.

2. Need for Speed ​​- Underground 2

(Source: Reddit)(Source: Reddit)Source: Reddit

If you’re into racing, consider installing Need for Speed ​​- Underground 2one of the best games of the genre. In the game, the player enters into races and learns to customize his car.

Another differential is the gameplay, which is wonderful and gives that feeling of really stepping into a powerful car. Undoubtedly, an unmissable game.

3. Among Us

(Source: Infonews Technologies)(Source: Infonews Technologies)Source: Infonews Technologies

If your PC doesn’t have an off-board graphics card installed, consider choosing Among Us. Trust me, it offers hours of fun with friends! The game is easy to access and entertains adults and children alike.

The game, which is popular all over the world, takes place in outer space and each player is between two roles: crewman or imposter. The crew must identify the imposters and expel them from the ship. Imposters, on the other hand, need to eliminate the crew before they are discovered.

  • Genre: Survival; group games

4. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

(Source: Steam)(Source: Steam)Source: Steam

Released in 2019, Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition celebrates 20 years of the original game. The objective here is to conquer empires and develop war strategies that work.

The game reissues Age of Empires II: The Age of King with more improved visuals, the possibility of 4K resolution and the inclusion of all expansions from the original game. All this brings medieval fun that can last long hours.

5. CupHead

(Source: VGBR)(Source: VGBR)Source: VGBR

CupHead is one of the favorites when it comes to old games. Based on the 1930s cartoon aesthetic, the game brings cute illustrations into a challenge full of weapons and battles.

In it, you choose between two characters (Cuphead and Mugman) and traverse strange environments, acquire weapons and learn powerful moves while he seeks to fulfill an unusual goal: to pay his debt to the devil.

6. Overcooked

(Source: Playstation)(Source: Playstation)Source: Playstation

In Overcooked, the fun is cooperative. You team up with other chefs, and everyone needs to prepare, cook and serve delicious dishes before customers start complaining.

It’s a pretty chaotic game that requires organization skills to work in a group.

  • Genre: Action; group games

7. The Sims 3

(Source: Steam)(Source: Steam)Source: Steam

And here’s also a classic of PC games that runs without a video card: the famous The Sims, in which players simply dedicate themselves to… Living. If your machine has no off-board video card, consider playing the Sims 3 – which, for many fans, is the best game in the franchise.

Compared to previous games, The Sims 3 brings the possibility for sims to move more freely between neighborhoods and redesign objects the way they want.

8. Doom 3

(Source: Bethesda)(Source: Bethesda)Source: Bethesda

Doom is a well-known franchise for those who like first-person shooters, but do not dispense with the emotion of fear. Doom 3, released in 2019, celebrates the game’s 25th anniversary and brings the same story revisited with much better graphics.

In Doom 3, an invasion of demons has taken control of the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) on Mars. The result is chaos and terror. Therefore, your mission is to face the situation and try to send these demons back to hell.

For this, you will make use of the most diverse and lethal weapons and you will need to think strategically about how you will use them.

Did you like our selection? Enjoy and leave some free time in your schedule to play the games that caught your attention and keep an eye out here on Voxel so you don’t miss any news!

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