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On August 12, 2014, Konami surprised the gaming industry with the release of PT (Playable Teaser) exclusively for PlayStation 4. The project headed by Hideo Kojima drew attention for the atmosphere of terror and the scary puzzles within a game that it could take hours to complete if the player wanted to explore all the details.

Completing 8 years this Friday (12), the game is one of the most successful cases to present an idea, but unfortunately it didn’t go ahead for reasons of backstage bullshit. O voxel took advantage of the date to remember a little bit of this history.

For those who forgot, PT was developed by Kojima Productions, from the Fox Engine, with the aim of being a kind of preview for Silent Hills.. The two would not have any canon relationship, as the teaser was intended as an interactive experience to test ideas for the reboot of the horror franchise.

The playable teaser, which was developed by the fictional “7780s Studio”, had environments that used photo-realistic techniques and, being in first person, created a great immersion.

The environments of the house in which the game takes place, including bathrooms and dark rooms, added a touch of mystery to the plot. The sound design, including a cursed fetus crying in a sink, gave the final touch to make the experience unique.

Consecrated as one of the main productions of the psychological horror genre, even though it was only a teaser, PT influenced several other projects later released such as Resident Evil 7, Visage, Layers of Fear, Allison Road, MADiSON and Evil Inside.


Even with the acclaim and huge hype generated around PT, any continuation of the project was buried. Konami eventually decided to cancel Silent Hills, a fact that ended up reverberating in the playable teaser as well.

The developer “threw out” the ideas after Kojima left, who would have fought with directors of the Japanese company. The matter was never 100% clarified and the reason for the disagreement between the iconic director and the developer remains hazy.

Confirmation that Silent Hills would no longer exist was given on April 27 by Guillermo Del Toro, a filmmaker who would participate in the project, and Norman Reedus, an actor from The Walking Dead who would play a role in the title.

The news has given many fans orphans. Despite promising that the Silent Hill franchise would continue to be worked on, Konami has yet to speak publicly about any other initiatives involving the world of Pyramid Head.

Is it still possible to play PT nowadays?

PT was removed from the PlayStation Store on April 29, 2015. Since then, the playable demo is no longer officially available for download. Because of this, anyone who has a PS4 and didn’t download the game at the time can’t play PT nowadays. To circumvent this limitation, what many people have done is to make the game illegally available on the internet.

Because of the phenomenon of popularity caused by the release of the teaser, PT has become something of a relic on consoles. It is possible to find PS4 consoles with PT installed on Ebay (supposedly) for prices that reach 950 euros (about R$ 5 thousand at the current price). So, for those who want to take a chance and have money to spare, buying a PS4 with the teaser demo installed can be an option.

But then, what are your memories with PT? Do you believe it is the “scariest game in history”? Leave your comment on Twitter voxel!

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