Imagem de: Menor de 10 anos mata amigo após perder partida em fliperama; entenda

A criminally motivated crime shook Mexico this past Sunday (15). A child of only 10 years old shot 11-year-old friend after being defeated in an arcade matchin Veracruz — State located in the Gulf of Mexico region.

According to information from El País, the 10-year-old was furious after being beaten in the game. She then went home to get a pistol and, returning to the establishment, the minor shot Samuel in the head.

The victim’s mother arrived at the scene and found her still alive. Samuel was admitted to the hospital, but could not resist the injury and died shortly afterwards.

Disgusted with the ease with which the young aggressor had access to the firearm, Samuel’s mother asks for justice for her son and blames the boy’s parents for the fatality.

Moved, the mother declared that “the only thing I ask is that they help me to get justice, because my son died because of the other boy’s parents, because it is a lack of responsibility to leave a gun on the table as if it were something to eat.”

After the tragic incident, the attacker’s family fled to La Perla, a town close to Veracruz. As of this writing, police have yet to share updates on the minor’s apprehension and the detention of his parents.

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