Actress and comedian Cláudia Jimenez dies at 63

Died this morning (20), the actress and comedian Claudia Jimenezaged 63 years.

Known for her work on ‘Sai de Baixo’, ‘Zorra Total’ and ‘Escolhinha do Professor Raimundo’, Cláudia was hospitalized at the Samaritano Hospital in Botafogo.

According to the G1, the cause of death was not disclosed, but she was struggling with complications in the tissues of the heart, weakened by radiotherapy sessions to treat cancer in the thoracic region for 30 years.

Due to poor health, she had already undergone at least three heart surgeries.

The first was performed in 1999, when she needed five heart bypasses to strengthen blood circulation. In 2012, it was necessary to replace his aortic valve with a synthetic one. In 2014, she started using a pacemaker.

Born in 1958, in Barra da Tjuca, Rio de Janeiro, claudia she had already shown an interest in the artistic world since her youth, influenced by her father, a tango singer and traveling salesman.

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His debut in dramaturgy took place in 1978, in the play ‘Trickster’s Opera‘, in Chico Buarquein which she played a prostitute named Mimi Bibelô.

In the early 1980s, the director Mauricio Sherman realized her potential on stage and invited her to participate in the opening of the program ‘Viva o Gordo’, by Jô Soares.

After that, she gave life to several outstanding characters in ‘on Rede Globo, such as Pureza, Cacilda and Enfermeira Alda, both introduced in ‘Chico Anysio Show‘ between 1982 and 1990, in addition to his various appearances in ‘the clumsy‘ (1989-92).

Who doesn’t remember the fun Edileuza from ‘come out from below‘ (1996) or Glorinha de ‘total Zorra‘ (1999-2001)?

She has also acted in prominent soap operas such as ‘you you you‘ (1985), ‘America’ (2005), ‘Seven sins‘ (2007) and ‘Let there be Heart‘ (2016).

In film, she had few prominent roles, making her debut in ‘Gabriela clove and cinnamon‘ (1983). Furthermore, she also voiced the character Ellie in ‘The ice Agetwo and 3released in 2006 and 2009.

Her most recent work was and 2018 as Bibiana in ‘offenders‘, mood board displayed on Fantastic.

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