'Ahsoka': New Art Reveals Sabine Wren's Look in 'The Mandalorian' Derivative;  Check out!

Last year, it was announced that Natasha Liu Bordizzo (‘The Voyeurs’) was cast as Sabine Wren in the series ‘Ahsoka‘, which will explore the adventures of the renegade jedi after her appearance in ‘the Mandalorian‘.

As the actress turned 28 on the 25th, the team prepared a tribute to her with an art gathering messages from members of the cast and production.

Published by a fan page dedicated to the saga ‘Star Wars‘, the art still reveals the character’s look, in addition to her iconic custom helmet.

Check out:

“Happy birthday messages to Natasha Liu Bordizzo written by your colleagues from ‘Star Wars’ in a poster that includes her first glimpse of her as Sabine Wren!”

Enjoy watching:

For those who don’t know her, Wren is a Mandalorian who joins the rebels’ onslaught against Imperial forces, becoming a strong ally of Ahsoka Tano.

Both are part of the animation ‘Star Wars: Rebels‘, and rumors had already pointed out that the ‘Ahsoka’ would bring a meeting between the characters of the cartoon.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Bordizzo revealed that he thought he was auditioning for the MCU.

In her defense, she said she was given dialogue from a male character from Top Gun and only mentioned that it was a project linked to Jon Favreauwho is also a producer on the Marvel movies.

“I got a script from ‘top gun‘ when I went to audition and played a male pilot. I just knew it was a project related to Jon Favreau. I decided to record it, I authorized my audition tape and I didn’t think about it any further for the sake of my mental health, you know, it’s a lot of nervousness.”

She continued:

“I auditioned with Sarah Finn, who is also a casting director for Marvel. Favreau, Finn… So I connected the dots. In my head, I was auditioning for something related to Marvel.

Asked how it felt to join the saga ‘Star Wars’she said:

“I’m loving being a part of it. After I delved into my character’s story, I came to admire her bravery, her spirit and her unique style. She’s a warrior amidst all the challenge and heartache she’s ever faced. Fans already know her through ‘rebels‘, but we use animation as a memoir, because the series stands on its own two feet, without leaving aside what was created in the animation.”

So, you’re curious to watch ‘Ahsoka‘?

The premiere is scheduled for 2023, still no specific date.

Remembering that Hayden Christensen is set to reprise his role as Anakin Skywalker after his recent return in ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi‘.

Other additions to the roster include Ivanna Sakhno, Ray Stevenson and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Check out the first behind the scenes image:

Don’t forget to watch:

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