AMD Radeon 7000 graphics cards with RDNA 3 arrive in 2022

Last Monday night (29) was a full plate for fans of OMG. The company not only announced the arrival of new Ryzen 7000 processorsas well as confirmed that Radeon 7000 graphics cards with RDNA 3 will be released later in 2022.

It is no longer surprising to anyone that AMD has been working for a long time on its next generation of GPUs, which will come equipped with the micro-architecture based on RDNA 3. According to David Wang, the company’s senior vice president of engineering, the plates will have 50% gains in energy efficiency compared to models with RDNA 2.

The chips will be manufactured by TSMC, with a l5nm itography, and an advanced system with new chiplet; in addition to bringing the new generation of Infinity Cache, and counting of computational units completely redone.

The most recent leak involving the Radeon 7000 indicates that the flagship of the line, presumably the RX 7900X or the RX 7950X, is codenamed Plum Bonito, and should have plus 12,000 stream processors.

Past rumors indicated that AMD’s future high-end GPU could have 100 teraflops and massive performance alongside the RTX 4090, including around 24GB of VRAM memory. The two cards are expected to be the first announced of each new generation, practically doubling the floating point count over previous models.

At AMD’s recent presentation, the company demonstrated a premium GPU running Lies of P alongside a Ryzen 9 7950X processor. Although the name has not been revealed, we can assume that this is probably the highlight of the line, running at high frame rates.

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