Ana de Armas |  Discover the BEST and WORST movies from the Netflix 'Hidden Agent' star

the young star Ana de Armas, 34, should forever be praised for her achievement – ​​of being able to penetrate a market as competitive as Hollywood, which often doesn’t even give a chance to Native Americans. It turns out that the actress left Cuba, her country of origin, becoming one of the rare acting talents in the country exported to the US and the world. Ana de Armas she is definitely the number one Cuban in Hollywood, making her countrymen very proud. The actress has already been in major productions of the biggest studios in the mecca of cinema, participating in renowned franchises. Good contacts help, but you need talent too. Other than that, the actress starred in two films alongside ours Wagner Mourawho turns around and gets some work done on Uncle Sam’s land as well.

His latest release, the super production hidden agent (one of the most expensive films in the history of Netflix) is already the new success of his career, having made a strong impression on the general public. hidden agent (The Gray Man) became the second-biggest debut in Netflix history, having been watched for 88.5 million hours in its first weekend. Other than that, Netflix has already confirmed the continuation of the long, as well as a derivative. in the plot, weapons plays Dani Miranda, a CIA agent who ends up allying herself with the hunted protagonist, played by Ryan Gosling. The Latin star had previously worked with both heartthrobs, making hidden agent the second partnership with Gosling and Chris Evans. Without giving away too much spoiler, suffice it to say that both movies will appear here in these lists.

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As a way to celebrate this new success of the brothers Joe and Anthony Russo (responsible for four of Marvel’s best films) in their first partnership with Netflix, and also to celebrate this still underrated actress who is Ana de Armas (whose next work is the biography of one of Hollywood’s greatest legends, Marilyn Monroein the most ambitious project of his career and which could earn him awards, blonde, from Netflix), we decided to quickly recap the filmography of the young star, pointing out the five best and also the five worst films of his career – in the opinion of critics and the general public alike. Check it out below.

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We start the list of the top 5 best Cuban films Ana de Armas with this crime thriller with a strong cast and produced by the same directors of John Wick and sicario. The star is the Swede Joel Kinnaman, in the role of an ex-con coerced by the authorities to serve as an informant for his former colleagues in the Polish mafia. He begins to see the siege closing in when his wife and daughter are threatened. Ana de Armas plays the protagonist’s wife, Sofia. The film also has the participation of the British Oscar nominees. Rosamund Pike and Clive Owen.

Directed by Todd Phillipsthe same as the phenomenon joker (2019) and the comic trilogy If You Drink, Don’t Marry, this is one of the most underrated films of the director’s career, and one that went relatively unnoticed without many even knowing it. Despite this, here is the recommendation for everyone to find and watch the film, since in the opinion of fans and critics, it is number 4 of the best in Ana de Armas. in the plot, Miles Teller and jonah hill they star as two friends who invest in the illegal career of arms smugglers, making contact with all kinds of dangerous people. The actress plays Teller’s character’s girlfriend, here in one of her first and important steps on her career ladder.

3. 007 – No Time to Die (2021)

The latest installment in the franchise 007the most enduring in cinema, was talked about, was hugely successful and was responsible – along with fast and furious 9 and Spider-Man: No Return Home – for the return of the general public to cinemas. It’s the kind of spectacle cinema that manages to captivate the audience and draw crowds. Who could give the farewell to Daniel Craig of the role, after five films as the spy, there was only praise for the performance of Ana de Armas like the clumsy, but extremely efficient and lethal Cuban agent Paola, who stole the show in the brief sequence that appears, and left everyone wanting more, wanting a spin-off just with the character. Hollywood, please make it happen!

Yet another iconic and millionaire Hollywood property, in which Ana de Armas wet his feet with a very important participation. As stated at the beginning of the text, Weapons and Ryan Gosling had previously collaborated, and the project that brought them together for the first time was this work by the renowned Denis Villeneuve. Obviously, this is the late sequel to the cult classic. Blade Runner – The Android Hunter, who is turning 40 in 2022. In the film, the actress plays Joi, basically an “inflatable doll from the future”. Jokes aside, Joi is an artificial intelligence in the style of Is it over there (2013), only with the shapes of the actress thanks to a hologram technology. She serves as companion for the protagonist played by Gosling, a lone replicant who works as Blade Runner.

First of the best movies of Ana de Armas in the opinion of critics and the public, it is the first partnership between the actress and the actor Chris Evans. After hidden agentthe two will still reprise the partnership again, in the romantic adventure ghosted. But the first time they worked together was here in this thriller with a touch of social criticism and a lot of acid humor, which plays with the structure of the stories of Agatha Christie modernizing it for the new times. The elderly patriarch of a wealthy family dies with evidence that he has been murdered. Now his large family clan has an extensive list of suspects – as they all had their eyes on the fortune. Ana de Armas plays an important role as Marta Cabrera, the Latino caregiver and best friend of the elderly, to whom the subject leaves his entire inheritance. The woman ends up becoming a target for her family.

Opening the top 5 of the worst films of the Cuban career in the opinion of critics and fans, is this thriller released during the height of the pandemic and starring the boy Tye Sheridan. The young actor plays Bart, a hotel receptionist on the night shift, who has an autism-like clinical condition and has a habit of snooping on guests through cameras. When a woman staying at the place is killed during her shift, the police begin to investigate the subject, who becomes the prime suspect. At the same time, he begins to develop an affectionate relationship with another guest, the role of Ana de Armasand must discover the killer’s identity before she becomes the next victim.

4. Deep Water (2022)

It was supposed to be the director’s masterful return Adrian Lynewhich has classics from the 80s in its curriculum as flashdance, 9 ½ Weeks of Love and Fatal Attractionfrom the 90s as Indecent Proposaland 2000 as Infidelity. All of these have a strong sexual content in their narrative, which is the line along which Deep waters was also sold. Other than that, it’s an adaptation of a book by the author. Patricia Highsmiththe same as the basis for films such as Sinister Pact, The Talented Ripley and Carol. In the plot with airs of Gone Girl, Ben Affleck lives another chaotic and unhealthy relationship, this time alongside the character of Ana de Armas. They are Vic and Melinda, a seemingly perfect couple who have a little daughter. But they like to spice up the relationship with the woman’s extramarital affairs – a turn on for both. However, things will get completely out of hand.

This was the film that served as the gateway to Ana de Armas in Hollywood. The actress’s first American film. And she started being directed by Eli Rotha specialist in horror, in a work in which he plays with the “muso” Keanu Reeves. Remake of a 70’s production, Guns and Lorenza Izzo, the director’s wife, play two beautiful young women who appear lost on a night of torrential rain at the door of the guy played by Keanu Reeves. He is a family man who stayed at home alone after his wife and daughter went away to finish a job. He welcomes young women in need of shelter – on a night that will still bring many games of seduction and more frightening ones. The film, however, did not settle in the taste of critics and the public, but served to boost Armas’ career in Hollywood.

Have you ever heard of this movie? Okay, hardly anyone heard. It is a B-action vehicle for Scott Eastwoodson of the legendary Clint Eastwood. The son, however, has not been able to make it as a Hollywood star so far. Five years ago he tried with this “clone” of Fast and furious, written by the same screenwriter of the second film in the aforementioned franchise. In the film, Eastwood plays a skilled car thief, who ends up captured by his latest victim and has to make a deal to steal a rare car from a powerful guy. Ana de Armas lives his partner in swindling, in one of his outstanding roles at the beginning of his career in the USA.

When an actress or an actor stands out in Hollywood cinema, there are many invitations to star in all kinds of films. It is necessary to select well and have a reliable agent, who knows how to detect when the bet is right, or when it is a risk. Well, after drawing attention to Knock Before Entering, Ana de Armas and his agent saw fit to repeat the double with the star Keanu Reeves. And it could have actually been a good thing, but it turned out to be an unmemorable dramatic thriller, where Reeves plays a policeman trying to protect a woman – the role of Ana de Armas. Add supernatural elements to the narrative worthy of the apocalyptic films of the late 1990s. In the opinion of critics and fans, Daughter of God it is the worst film of Ana de Armas’ young career so far, and perhaps the worst of Keanu Reeves as well.

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