Ana Maria Braga and other celebrities are the new face of PlayStation in Brazil

Sony this week unveiled its new team of representatives PlayStation. The group contains celebrities and influencers in this, which is already the third formation of the team, which is responsible for promoting the brand and its main products in our country.

The partnership with this group lasts for one year, in which both the veterans and the quartet of novices spend to bridge the gap between the PS and the publicpresenting the main news of Sony’s games division.

Next, you know the new team that should represent the PlayStation 5O PS4 and the other products of Sony games in the next 12 months.

The new face of PlayStation in Brazil

As a way of playing and entertaining the public, Sony set up “interviews” with the candidates, as if they were going through a selection process. Below, you find out who were the lucky ones who took off the “vaguinha” in the PS team:

Ana Maria Braga

the presenter is out gamertalking about games on several occasions and enjoying good video games since the 1980s. A fan of Lara Croft and a player of Marvel’s Spider-Man, her first Sony console was the PS One.

Jonathan Azevedo

A FIFA and NBA fan, actor and singer Jonathan Azevedo has appeared in several well-known films and soap operas. He I’ve been playing since I was a kid, when I used the neighbors’ PlayStation to have fun.

Julio Cocielo

Starting there on the first PlayStation, Cocielo Thedora God of War III and is a fan of Sonic and crash. The comedian and influencer is very well known on YouTube, and today he has more than 19 million followers.

Lucas Rangel

The influencer has more than 20 million followers on social networks, where his passion for games. A fan of games since childhood, Lucas loves The Last of Us and Deathloop.

old school class

The newcomers join a team of veterans made up of the presenter and streamer Nyvi Estephanby the presenters Tiago Leifert and Marcos Mion; and by the influencer and streamer Bruno Correa. The quartet had already been doing this work of representing the PlayStation brand for some time and now continues to promote the brand alongside the four newcomers.

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