Anitta announces launch of intimate perfume: "Smells for the rest of your life"

Anitta decided to embrace another market front: intimate deodorants. Without mincing words, as we are used to, she announced the news on her social networks.

“Enough of so many people profiting and gaining stage through my polemic. He has arrived at MY time. Soon my intimate perfume for sale all over Brazil. The pepeka of millions, the pepeka of millions, the balls of millions, the polemic of millions. Smell for the rest of your life.” wrote the artist who also added: “Smell of c * never again, love. There are 3 scents for you to choose to spend your day.”

The colony, called Puzzy, is produced by Cimed and is already arriving at pharmacies – the estimated selling price is between R$70 and R$100.

Anyone who buys a bottle will also know what the much talked about tattoo she has in her anal region looks like. Your design will be stamped on the inside of the box. The logo on the front of the product is based on another tattoo made in a “restricted access” area of ​​the singer, this one on the “larissinha”, to use the carioca’s favorite term when referring to her vagina.

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