Anitta on fake news that she would have AIDS: "Having HIV is not cursing"!

Through Twitter, Anitta responded to the fake news that she had AIDS that are circulating through videos posted on YouTube and in WhatsApp groups. The singer became aware of the situation through her account followers, but seemed not to care.

“I don’t care,” he wrote. “Having HIV is not cursing. If I’m going to sue each of the fake news they’ve been making up for me since I took a political position, I’m going to end up with my money just paying a lawyer.” Anitta is radically against the current government and has already declared her vote for Lula in the next elections.

Anitta Example of a video that circulates on social networks
In another post, she, in a good mood, said that she has gotten used to these attacks. “I’ll only spend it when it’s something relevant. There was also a video of oral sex that made a montage putting my face. I only took the trouble to open it because I wanted to see if at least ‘they were’ doing cool, so who would believe it’s me at least you’re ‘seeing’ me rocking the performance”, he wrote.

More serious, she also posted a print of a news item that claims that 920,000 people live with HIV in the country. “In other words: almost 1 million people are not considered good people for these people. Well, at least this almost 1 million people already know who NOT to vote for”.

Anitta was hospitalized recently. The singer underwent surgery to treat endometriosis – a condition in which cells similar to the tissue layer that lines the uterus grow on the outside, causing chronic pain in those who suffer from it. The photo that opens this text was taken when she was already in recovery.

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