Anne Heche, 'Six Days, Seven Nights' actress, is intubated after serious car accident

According to TMZ, the actress Anne Heche (‘Six Days, Seven Nights’) was hospitalized after suffering several burns due to a serious car accident, which occurred yesterday (05).

The actress was said to have been involved in two raids… Around noon, she hit the garage of an apartment complex in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Frightened by the noise caused by the collision, residents of the region tried to help. hechebut she engaged reverse gear and fled the scene at high speed.

On the same block, she ended up crashing into a house, which ended up on fire, along with the actress’ car.

Firefighters were called and arrived minutes after the second crash, when they found the actress unconscious and with burns spread over her body.

Once she was taken out of the car, witnesses had no idea who she was, as her clothes were charred and her body was covered in a white cloth as she was carried on a stretcher.

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Images released by the portal show that there was a bottle with a red cap inside the actress’ car, indicating that she must be drunk.

However, toxicological tests have not yet been carried out due to her delicate state of health, as she is intubated at the hospital in the region.

Check out the impressive videos of the accidents:

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