Anne Heche |  Take a look back at the actress' most memorable works of the 90s

The actress Anne Heche passed away today, August 12th, at the age of 53. On the 5th of August, heche she was in a serious car accident in Los Angeles, California, and was rushed to the hospital with brain damage. After a week in a coma, the actress was pronounced dead today. Many, especially the younger ones, may not know or remember her, who has an extensive curriculum of more than 90 credits as an actress and was also a producer, screenwriter and director. Her career high point was during the 1990s, where she performed alongside Hollywood greats like Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Johnny Depp, Joaquin Phoenix, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman.

Anne Heche had several award nominations under her belt, the most important of which was an Emmy nomination in 2004. The actress would also be marked by her relationship with the presenter. Ellen DeGenereswhich began in the same year as DeGeneres publicly admitted that she was a lesbian. At the time, DeGeneres was starring in the sitcom Ellen (1994-1998) and her character on the show would make history by assuming her sexuality and becoming the first gay protagonist of a TV series in the late 1990s. Anne Heche and Ellen would last from 1997 to 2000, and at the time they were one of the hottest couples in Hollywood, especially as they were the most famous gay couple of the period.

Anne Heche also participated in several prestigious TV shows, such as Ally McBeal, everwood, Hung, Chicago PDin addition to the Ellen, at the time he was dating the protagonist. His last TV job was in the series all rise (2021-2022).

In honor of this talented, and sometimes underrated, actress who leaves us today, let’s look back at some of her most important works on the big screen during her biggest surge in popularity. Check it out below.

The first prominent role of Anne Heche in a Hollywood super production was in Volcano – The Fury. By the late 1990s, disaster movies had made a comeback after the success of twister (1996), where scientists faced the most convincing tornadoes in cinema, due to exquisite special effects. Soon after, it was the turn of volcanoes and meteors, in films like Dante’s Hell, Deep Impact and Armageddon. Heche starred in the second volcano movie in 1997, with volcanoand had a great career opportunity by working side by side with the protagonist Tommy Lee Jones in this 20th Century Fox super production. In the film, the actress played Dr. Amy Barnes, the only one who knew how to stop a volcano from erupting in the middle of Los Angeles.

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In the same year as the blockbuster volcano, Anne Heche participated in a cult mafia film, alongside stars such as Al Pacino and Johnny Depp. Based on a true story, the film featured Depp as FBI agent Joe Pistone, who infiltrates a New York mob family, posing as criminal Donnie Brasco, and befriends Lefty, the organization’s right-hand man played by the great Al Pacino. Here, heche accepted a minor role for the chance to be alongside big figures, and played the worried wife of the policeman, sharing many scenes with a Johnny Depp at the height of his career.

Another small share of Anne Heche in a film that became very popular at the time, however, a very significant participation. The actress appears in only two scenes in this youth terror that marked the 90s, but they are two moments that help define the plot, in addition to being two extremely nervous and frightening parts. Her character, Missy, is one of the suspects to be the film’s killer. After the success of Panic (1996), the same screenwriter Kevin Williamsonadapted for the cinema a famous thriller book, turning it into a teenage slasher, which became the second piece in the restructuring of the subgenre in the late 90s.

The second most important step in the career of Anne Heche was given here, in this director’s film Barry Levinson. Political satire of the great, the film placed the actress toe to toe as the third name in the cast, acting alongside heavyweights like the legendary Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman. Although it was released in a few parts of the US in 1997, its debut on a large circuit across the country and around the world (including Brazil) would even take place in 1998 – where it competed for two Oscar statuettes (best screenplay and actor for Hoffman). Based on a book, this was one of the films that hitched a ride on the sex scandal involving the then president. Bill Clinton. In the plot, the US president is involved in a sex scandal. So, a White House aide, Heche’s role, hires an organizer (De Niro) to take the focus off it. The two then get in touch with a mega Hollywood producer (Hoffman) to create a fake war and attract all the attention of the public and the media for it. This was the film where the actress was able to demonstrate her talent and versatility the most.

After having starred in the blockbuster Volcano – The Furyfor Fox, and to have delivered one of the best (perhaps the best) performances of his career in mere coincidencefrom New Line, we can point to this old-fashioned matinee adventure as the third most important step in Anne Heche. Here, the actress took off the lead role in a $70 million Disney super production (released through subsidiary Touchstone Pictures), directed by the same Ivan Reitman in The ghost hunters. As if that wasn’t enough, Heche even had the opportunity to share the scene with Indiana Jones himself, the star Harrison Ford. In the plot, the actress plays the photographer of one of the largest fashion magazines in the USA, who is on vacation on a paradise island in Hawaii. So her boss convinces her to fly to another islet for a quick job, but in the process she ends up crash-landing on the spot with the pilot, played by Ford. Thus, the two live the adventure of their lives, while facing all kinds of danger and falling in love too.

In the same year as the blockbuster Six Days and Seven Nights, Anne Heche would star in one of his darkest films of the period, although it was still part of his 90s big-budget release. The dark, unvarnished drama is actually a remake of a French production called Force Majeurefrom 1989. In the plot, three friends played by Vince Vaughn, Joaquin Phoenix and David Conrad are on vacation in Malaysia. His paradise begins to crumble when the local police arrest Phoenix’s character for drug possession – the country’s policy on this type of crime is extremely strict. So, two years later, a lawyer, played by Heche, meets the other two friends to give them the sad news that in eight days her friend will be executed, as he is sentenced to death. Now they must decide if they are willing to take some of the blame and face three years in prison to save their friend’s life.

Last major significant work of the career of Anne Heche in the 90s, this was a very popular production of the period, but also a very controversial one. Backed by Universal Pictures, as the title says, it’s a remake of the master’s timeless classic Alfred Hitchcock. The original, one of the most beloved films in the history of cinema, is considered one of the best thriller and horror films of the seventh art – all filmed in black and white. The proposal of the experimental and prestigious Gus Van Sant was to repeat almost all the same angles and framings, just adding color and changing the performers. A courageous and very risky bet, which undoubtedly caused a stir at the time. Repeating the double with colleague Vince Vaughn, heche got the role of Marion Crane, immortalized by Janet Leigh, while the actor played the iconic Norman Bates. Completing the list, Julianne Moore and Viggo Mortensen. Although it was not nearly as embraced by fans of the seventh art and the general public as its predecessor, this was an important project from which Anne Heche he took part, gained all the trust of one of the biggest studios in Hollywood, and was able to give his own version of an emblematic work.

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