Anne Heche was trapped in the burning car for 45 MINUTES after the accident

According to the Los Angeles City Fire Department report obtained by NBC4, the actress Anne Heche was trapped in her burning car for about 45 minutes after the accident.

Firefighters only had access to the vehicle 20 minutes after the crash. Once at the scene, it took them another 20 minutes to remove the car from the house to rescue the actress.

“I can tell that the person in the vehicle was not in the driver’s seat, but on the floor on the passenger side,” said the officer. fieldsin charge of the rescue.

Previously, the website The Hollywood Reporter had revealed the cause of death of the actress. According to a report, Heche was in a car accident in Los Angeles earlier this month and ended up not making it.

The information passed by the coroner’s office responsible for the autopsy of Heche, says that she died of “inhalation and thermal injuries”. The document also lists “fracture of the sternum due to blunt trauma” as what is called a “significant condition” in her death.

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It is worth noting that the opinion still considers the actress’ death as “accidental” and establishes the date of the patient’s death as August 11 – the date on which the doctors found that Heche was brain dead.

The devices that kept her clinically alive were turned off just three days later. Anne Heche’s mini cooper collided Aug. 5 with a two-story home in the Mar Vista neighborhood of the city of Los Angeles, causing “structural compromise and exploding in heavy fire,” according to the fire department’s report on the case. .

The actress was said to have been involved in two raids… Around noon, she hit the garage of a Mar Vista apartment complex.

Frightened by the noise caused by the collision, residents of the neighborhood tried to help. hechebut she engaged reverse gear and fled the scene at high speed.

On the same block, she ended up crashing into a house, which ended up on fire, along with the actress’ car.

Firefighters were called and arrived minutes after the second crash, when they found the actress unconscious and with burns spread over her body.

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