Imagem de: Attack on Titan ganha jogo extraordinário feito por fã

The manga and anime by Attack on Titan won the hearts of countless fans around the world, including independent developer Swammy, who decided to create his own free game based on the work on his own. Check out the trailer below:

Apparently, it all started as an experiment in 2021, which ended up going viral when Swammy’s girlfriend convinced him to post a piece of gameplay on Tik Tok. The excitement of the other anime lovers led the creator to continue evolving what was once just a demo, bringing more Titans and even a co-op multiplayer mode.

As the work of a single individual in just over a year, some parts of the game are not as polished as other official titles inspired by the work, but the level of mobility is really impressive, as is the ability to enjoy the project from the perspective of first or third person.

So far, Swammy’s game has already hit the 10 million download mark, and that number will likely only increase now that the developer has announced that he intends to move the project to the Unreal Engine 5.

For those interested, this free indie game is available for PRAÇA and androidand can be downloaded from the Developer’s linktree.

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