August Game Pass has Ghost Recon, Two Point Campus and more!

As it usually does at the end of each month, Microsoft has revealed which titles will be available on Game Pass soon, this time in the first half of August. Additionally, the company also mentioned which games will be removed from the service during this time. For the happiness of subscribers, there will be seven new games in the catalog, and some will be available on PC, consoles and xCloud.

Starting August 2nd and 11th, we will be able to start playing Ghost Recon Wildlands, Turbo Golf Racing, Two Point Campus, Cooking Simulator, Shenzhen I/O, Expeditions: Rome and Offworld Trading Company. From this list, only the last three will be added exclusively to the PC version of Game Pass. Other than that, Two Point Campus arrives on its launch day, August 9th.

The coolest thing is that Two Point Campus will be available on the day of its launchSource: Microsoft/Reproduction

It’s worth mentioning that, unfortunately, we’ll have to say goodbye to five games on August 15th, so it’s best to play them while there’s still time. They are: Boyfriend Dungeon, Curse of the Dead Gods, Library of Ruina, Starmancer and Train Sim World 2.

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