'Batgirl' Cast Member INSULTS Warner Bros.  Discovery after film cancellation

After the movie ‘Batgirl‘ was unexpectedly cancelled, protagonist Leslie Grace and the directors Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah (‘Bad Boys For Life’) lamented the decision in cordial tones despite the shock.

However, not all cast members managed to maintain a polite demeanor.

In a statement shared by IndieWire, an actor who declined to reveal his identity vented about the cancellation and insulted David Zaslavthe current president of the Warner Bros. Discovery and directly responsible for the decision.

“Multiple streaming platforms and their vague guarantees seem anything but secure. I’m very offended by what happened and I feel terrible for the directors and Leslie Grace, who are wonderful people I’ve worked with, as are all the technicians. It was a huge and rewarding challenge to make this film during the pandemic and during Glasgow’s cold weather. But none of those things matter to an asshole like David Zaslav. His cowardice is breathtaking. I’m glad I was a part of it, and I wish the best for everyone involved – except the executives at Warner Bros. But they will all be replaced sooner or later.”

In addition to gracethe cast of the adaptation would still have Brendan Fraser (Firefly), Michael Keaton (Batman), JK Simmons (James Gordon), Jacob Scipio (Anthony Bressi), Ivory Aquino (Alysia Yeoh), Rebecca Front, Corey Johnson and Ethan Kai.

So far, it’s unclear whether the line came from one of the main stars or an extra or stunt double.

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Although some believe that the narrative written by Christina Hodson didn’t please the studio executives, that’s not true.

According to GQ, it was reported that the idea did not go ahead because its more modest scale and budget do not match the plans for future films from the company. DC Comicswhich will be defined as major events.

And that means that other low-cost projects that are in development by the studio can be frozen and consequently cancelled.

That’s because the Warner Bros. is going through a period of changes and twists behind the scenes due to the merger with Discovery.

In fact, several high-level executives left the WarnerMedia due to the merger of the brands, including the president Jason Kilar and the content director of HBO Max, Andy Forssell.

the output of kilo reflects the intolerance of executives to poorly planned ideas, since the kilo admitted that it was a bad strategy to launch major productions in cinema and HBO Max at the same time like ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ and ‘The Suicide Squad’‘.

AND Zaslav already plans to put an end to HBO MAX and create a new streaming platform.

But until then, the Warner is already removing several titles from the catalog of HBO Max and will not continue their original projects.

Apparently, the studio’s current content strategy doesn’t involve spending large sums on direct-to-streaming resources, as was the case with ‘batgirl‘, which cost US$90 million.

Given recent reports on the company’s business decisions Warner Bros. Discoverywith the company reportedly looking to cut $3 billion from your budgetthat would explain the unprecedented cancellations.

The studio has already cut scripted programming on cable networks TNT and TBS in the US, going so far as to cancel series hours before the season premiere.

Still, the decision to cancel high-profile movies in the process — including a long-awaited adaptation of the DC universe — is still SHOCKING.

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