Imagem de: Battlefield 2042 lançarĂ¡ a sua segunda temporada no fim de agosto

Battlefield 2042 had a very complicated launch and first few months, but EA is trying to turn the tide and, today (25), it revealed to the world what its next plans and news are to move the scenario of its multiplayer. Check it out below!

At the invitation of the producer, we attended an early presentation of the content of Season 2, which will be called Master of Arms. There, the content was shown directly by DICE’s director of game design, Feras Musmar, who seemed quite upbeat and excited about the material.

The trailer begins with the teams attacking each other on a gigantic boat stranded in the middle of the map. Inside, several containers offer variable heights and a very vertical combat and full of possibilities, so the announcement that the new map will be called Stranded arrives.

More weapons and characters on the way

Naturally, this map will be accompanied by the arrival of new weapons such as the AM40 rifle, PF51 secondary weapon and Avancys light machine gun. There will also be new vehicles like the Polaris RZR jeep and the heavily armed EBLC-RAM car, which can hold up to four soldiers at once!

Charlie Crawford will be the new specialist, and he was shown in action for a few minutes. Originally from the UK, he is of the Support class and his main tool is the mounted vulcan, which can be mounted to provide cover for allies. By the way, when resurrecting an ally, the character gains extra ammo. We will be able to test all of this as early as the 30th of August, when the new season goes live!

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