Ben Affleck Turns 50 |  Discover the BEST and WORST Films of the Oscar-Winning Star

One of the biggest stars working in Hollywood today, Ben Affleck turns fifty springs today. It seems like yesterday that the actor burst onto the scene as one of the hottest promises of the 1990s. It’s been 25 years since he carved his name into the industry pantheon, winning an Oscar for the drama’s screenplay. indomitable genius, affleck continues on the scene and has climbed many steps in his career, also becoming a producer and director. Among his feats of achievement are yet another Oscar win with the statuette of producer of argoand having donned the Batman bat cape, in at least three films – which will increase to five very soon, with appearances in the forthcoming Batman films. Aquaman and Flash.

Already considered an industry veteran, Ben Affleck collects no less than 82 credits as an actor, having started in the field very young, at the age of 9 in 1981. The actor collects numerous successes, but also some resounding failures – after all, he is only human. Such failures could even have put an end to his star status, as happened with many personalities in the film mecca. But the glow of affleck was stronger, persisted and continues to resist the storms. The star always finds a way to reinvent himself and turn around. He has no less than seven projects in the pipeline for the next few years. The first to arrive will be the clerk 3to be released in 2022, where he participates again in the film of the friend Kevin Smith. Then in 2023 come the DC superhero movies, Aquaman 2 and Flashwhere Batman will live again.

In honor of this Hollywood giant that is completing half a century of life, we decided, through a survey that took into account the evaluations of critics and the general public, to rank the Best and Worst films of the career of Ben Affleck. Check it out below.

This was the second film directed by Ben Affleck, and the first in which he also acts as a protagonist. Mix of Fire against fire (1995) and the good companions (1990), the film started from a book, where the actor is also credited as one of the screenwriters in the adaptation. A foray into everyday life and the streets of Boston, where the actor grew up and knows well, Affleck stars as Doug MacRay, leader of a group of criminals specializing in bank robberies with detailed plans. In their last job they end up kidnapping an employee, role of Rebecca Hall. The protagonist then begins to develop affection for the woman, while a policeman follows (Jon Hamm) closely tracks the gang, and one of the members (Jeremy Renner) starts to become more and more problematic and put everything at risk. For the film, Renner received an Oscar nomination for supporting actor.

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Another movie starring Ben Affleck which ended with the Oscar nomination of its supporting actor. Here, the nominee was the actress Rosamund Pike. This thriller is even among the all-time favorites in the opinion of IMDB users – appearing on a select list. Considered a masterpiece by many, Ben Affleck’s fourth-best film is based on the novelist’s book Gillian Flynn, who also adapted the screenplay for the big screen. The direction is from the master David Fincherfrom films like seven, Fight Club and Zodiac. In the plot, Affleck and Pike live a relationship from hell – but to all outsiders it sounds like those out of a margarine commercial. The extremely toxic relationship ends with the disappearance of the woman (or should I say, that’s how the story begins) and the subject as the main suspect of having killed her. But things may not be exactly like that.

03 | Young, Crazy and Rebels (1993)

With the two items above, Ben Affleck was already a consolidated star in the market. However, here in the third place of his best films of the career, the actor was just a young beginner in his second credited work in the cinema, at the age of 21. Written and directed by Richard Linklateras the filmmaker would later do in the trilogy before dawn, this film is a very candid portrait of young schoolgirls in the mid-1970s, experimenting with drinking, drugs and their first sexual encounters. Affleck plays one of the teenagers, who loves to bully the younger ones. The film would also serve to reveal talents such as Matthew McConaughey and Milla Jovovich, for example. In 2016, Young, Crazy and Rebels would gain a kind of “spiritual sequence” created by Linklater himself and titled here Young, Crazy and More Rebels (Everybody Wants Some).

02 | Argo (2012)

We return to the films of the mature phase of Ben Affleck, released after his fame and stardom. After his second film as director (Dangerous attraction) proved to be a success applauded by critics and audiences, it is clear that the actor would continue to invest in his career behind the camera. And his next step in that direction would be even more ambitious. argo is based on a true story and tells about a risky and daring plan by a CIA agent (Affleck’s role) to remove officers from the American Embassy in Tehran after a coup d’état. His plan was to enter the country with a Hollywood film crew with the excuse that he was producing a film called Argo – a cheap copy of Star Wars – being in fact a military rescue mission. argo it still remains his biggest professional success having won the Oscar for best picture, screenplay and editing, in addition to four other nominations. What fans complained about was the non-appointment of the film’s director, Ben Affleck, in one of the most striking cases of snubbing.

Of course, among the best movies of Ben Affleck we can read his entire career trajectory until today – at least his high points. Thus, we have the significant beginning in Young, Crazy and Rebelsthe consolidations as director (Dangerous attraction and argo) and a comeback as an interpreter (Gone Girl). This mix could not miss the great watershed in his career – which now appears as the top of the podium of his best films. Although it is more of a vehicle for the colleague Matt Damon, the script of the work was written in partnership by the two. And at the hour, they let luck decide who would be the protagonist and the supporting one. Damon won, who ended up nominated for best actor at the Oscars, and Affleck would have the supporting role of best friend. What really matters is that both took the top prize in cinema for the screenplay of this story about a brilliant, but incredibly troubled young man, and they also presented the great and late Robin Williams with a character that would win him an Oscar as a supporting player.

Anticipating that the price of Ben Affleck would grow significantly in Hollywood after the success of indomitable genius, the same studio decided to hold on to this horror film and release it using the actor’s name to boost it. A very common ploy in Hollywood. Here, we have a supernatural thriller based on the book of Dean R. Koontza kind of Stephen King of the poor, which also adapts the screenplay to the cinema. Affleck plays the sheriff of a small town where the inhabitants simply disappear. He investigates this mystery alongside the few survivors. The film also has Rose McGowan and the legendary Peter O’Toole in the cast.

As stated at the beginning of the text, Ben Affleck he is only human and despite being one of the greatest and most respected names in Hollywood today, he knows the ups and downs of a career like few others. It’s one thing to participate in those shameful films at the beginning of your career – as it was with ghosts -, it’s another thing to keep saying yes to certain dubious scripts. And when Affleck accepted to participate in this film shallower than a saucer, he had already seen a new rebirth in his career, brought by Dangerous attraction and mainly argo. In fact, it was with this film that he followed the beloved Oscar nominee. Here Affleck lives a greedy computer entrepreneur, who starts to sponsor a promising employee, role of Justin Timberlake. The guy, however, discovers the rich man’s schemes.

This is known as the worst phase of Ben Affleck in his career, and that almost left the actor relegated to direct-to-video releases. surviving Christmas falls into a very rare type of film (or perhaps not so rare): that of comedies without laughter. In the plot, he lives a rich man who thinks that money can buy everything. And on Christmas Eve, the clueless loner decides to “buy” a family that is now living in the house where he grew up, so he can spend the date with them, pretending they are his loved ones. What we’d really like to know is in what universe would the directors or Affleck think this would work as a plot for a movie?

Here, with one stone, we mix the misfortunes of two talented actors. As said, Ben Affleck has seen so many ups and downs in his career that it is not new to have the actor starring a real bomb. Fans, however, are never truly worried about the actor, as he soon finds a way to get back on his feet with a new blockbuster or a critically acclaimed work. More troubling is the current career status of another Oscar winner, Anne Hathaway. In recent years, the star has been getting into one crap after another, and still hasn’t found space to breathe and mix a little good options. With her, everything has been bad lately. This was one of the worst rated of his entire career. A film shown at festivals and soon shipped on Netflix. In the plot, Hathaway lives a journalist investigating a story and discovering that her father is right in the middle of it. Affleck plays a US ambassador to Central America.

Almost 20 years since its debut and gigli (in the original) remains the worst film of Ben Affleck. In fact, the film perhaps descends even more squarely today than it did at the time of its release two decades ago — even though it was incredibly rebuffed on its debut as well. Risk Contact became one of those “legends” of bad Hollywood movies, those that don’t take much thought to point out. The feature entered the select hall of productions at the level of the reconquest, Unusual Destination and Cat Woman, for example. That is, in the pantheon of the most disastrous films in the history of cinema. One of the reasons for this is its incredibly sexist content for the time, where Affleck plays the macho “goofy” mobster, who tries to “tame” the lesbian criminal lived by Jennifer Lopez. And the worst, he manages, with the two lovebirds falling in love in a very shameful and misguided way. Here, everything that is prejudiced about sexist thinking about lesbians is applied, from feeling aroused to considering women “masculinized”. Other than that, he still kicks the ball well out in his portrayal of a mentally handicapped young man, role of a Justin Bartha just annoying. Can’t believe we still have the sacred monsters in the cast Al Pacino and Christopher Walken. But proving that all is not lost, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez resumed their romance, which had come to an end just after the outcome of this film.

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