Beyoncé's new album wins critical approval

It is still not possible to know how Beyoncé’s “RENAISSANCE” (or “RENAISSANCE – ACT I”) was received by the public in its launch week – for that we will have to wait a few more days for the release of the main hits in the world, but the star already has one more critical success in her career.

So far, all the reviews published in important media outlets for the album have been positive, even though it is being seen as a less revolutionary and impactful work than 2016’s “LEMONADE”. place it as one of the ten best received of the year by critics (on the aggregator site Metacritic, it is rated 88, the first place is “MOTOMAMI”, by Rosalía, with 94).

For Consequence Of Sound, “Renaissance” may not be a perfect record but it’s almost there. The US edition of Rolling Stone also says that it is not an evolution of “LEMONADE”, but that, here, Bey proves to be more accessible to his audience than ever before.

For the British NME, the opinion is that the artist no longer has anything to prove, but that, even so, she continues to seek to innovate by diving into new sound textures and styles. As for the also English The Guardian, it is close to not her best work, but, even so, it fulfills its “liberationist goal”.

Is that you? What did you think of “Renaissance”? Comment!

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