Imagem de: Bolsonaro viraliza com carreata virtual em GTA no perfil oficial

After the debate between the presidential candidates held yesterday (29), current president Jair Bolsonaro went viral on the networks. Not because of its performance (considered by Datafolha as the worst among the research participants), but because of a crude montage in which it seems to be playing a heavily modified GTA. Check it out below!

Although this is not the first time that the president has used demagoguery to try to appear well with voters who enjoy video games, as when he used Sonic songs, or even with his tax cuts announcements, the timing of the new video and the fact that he is on the official profile of the reelection candidate are impressive, but it is really a real post!

To the sound of the hit O Homem Disparau, by César Araújo, Vilões do Forró and Karkará, a small motorcade with themed vehicles parades through the streets of the city while Bolsonaro does not show great emotions in front of the camera. The joke, of course, drew reactions from both his staunch supporters and opponents, and even from people who didn’t even know what they were getting into:

Overall, many accounts that appear to be bots are spamming supportive comments, even though we also have real people and allied candidates sympathizing with the current president in search of more votes:

Others, of course, recall the opportunism of the post, as it goes against everything Bolsonaro has always defended in previous years:

It would not be surprising to see even more posts like this until the election in October, as the potential for engagement on this controversial topic is huge. So it must be a matter of time before the candidate needs to cover up another bad performance with jokes and memes.

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