BOMB!  Brad Pitt threw beer and attacked Angelina Jolie during flight, reveals document

It looks like the couple that starred ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith‘ is willing to take the adventures of the feature off the screen, because, after getting divorced, in addition to being in a lawsuit, they are starring in new scandals.

As far as we know, this time, Angelina Jolie is anonymously suing the FBI to find out the reasons why her ex-husband, Brad Pittwas not charged with domestic violence following an investigation into an altercation between the couple during their private flight in September 2016.

According to Variety, Jolie would have filed a lawsuit against the American institution in April, requesting the documents of the investigation against the actor. The actress would be trying to understand why no criminal case was opened against Brad Pitt at the time of the event.

And, according to a Puck report, documents reveal an intense fight between the ex-couple during a flight with their children, where Jolie reported to an FBI agent who pitt “physically and verbally assaulted” her and her children.

At the time, the agent would have noted that the actor took his ex-wife to the back of the plane, grabbed her by the head and shoulders, shouting phrases such as: “You’re fucking this family”. The actress claimed that there was a physical altercation, which resulted in her elbow being injured. The lawyers of Brad Pitt denied the accusations.

“The persistent denial of this information to Ms. Doe, a victim of the assault, has undermined, and continues to hinder, her efforts to get her children ongoing care and necessary medical attention, and further undermined the children’s family law system.” the FBI.

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According to the FBI report, pitt would have thrown beer at Jolie while she tried to sleep. At the end of the trip, he made the family wait 20 minutes to disembark as he did not want her to take the children to a hotel in California where she intended to rest. The actor would have pushed angelina once more and shouted: “You will not take my children”.

“This plaintiff has provided copies of both AUSAs of a statement of probable cause related to this incident. After reviewing the document, the US Attorney’s representative discussed the merits of this investigation with the agent on the case. It was agreed by all parties that the criminal charges in this case would not be prosecuted due to a number of factors,” said the Assistant US Attorney and Assistant Chief of the US Criminal Division, who discussed the case in late 2017. and decided not to pursue the charges.

Remembering that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce six days after the episode reported to FBI. Although separated, the two still battle for custody of their children in court.

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