Bomba Patch already has the new shirt of the selection for the Cup

O Patch pumpa phenomenon of street vendor fairs that is still successful in Brazil, has already announced its latest update, bringing the new look of the national team’s shirts to the World Cup 2022in Qatar.

The Bomba Patch Team responsible for the mod, made the announcement via Twitter earlier this week, August 8th. In a quick video filmed on TV, you can see the players and their modified faces wearing the new jerseys, made by Nike.

The shirt’s new look features a patchwork pattern on the sleeves to refer to the Jaguar, one of the most symbolic animals of the national fauna. She even takes the name “Brazilian Claw”and should appear on major triple-A releases when they are updated with Cup 2022 content. No Bomba Patch is now available.

The mod is famous to this day and is successful here, in large part, precisely because of the speed at which it updates and offers new features. Not only to keep up with the changes in the football world, but also to offer different experiences related to the sport.

In May of this year, for example, Bomba Patch announced a “Rockgol version”, making changes to the game to reflect the famous (and longed for) MTV football championship. The mod went further and even created an image reflecting the iconic moment when Anvisa interrupted a match between Brazil and Argentina for violating health rules during the pandemic.

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