Imagem de: Borderlands 2: cosplay de Maya é o verdadeiro canto da sereia

Launched in September 2012, borderlands 2 introduced us to the stunning Maya, who leaves her home planet, Athens, and leaves for Pandora in search of adventures and to understand more about her Siren lineage, mystical women who for unknown reasons are endowed with incredible powers.

And now that we are just a few days away from the game’s tenth anniversary, there’s nothing better than celebrating this special date with an incredible personification of the character created by cosplayer Mads. Check it out below:

With great attention to detail, Mads managed to nail the game’s visual style to perfection, with the makeup and wig styling providing the final touch needed to make the cosplay really impressive.

“Maya is one of my favorite cosplays I’ve ever done and it’s still in one piece after more than two years! (Even though the wig is very stiff)”, stated the cosplayer in the publication.

For those who liked this beautiful personification of Maya, it is worth checking out the Mads profile on Instagramwhich includes other game projects like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Dragon Age: Origins and League of Legends.

So, did you like this cosplay? Are looking forward to the movie borderlands? tell us on twitter or Facebook of voxel!

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