'Borderline': Samara Weaving Will Have To Deal With A Romantic SOCIOPATH In Comic Thriller

According to Variety, Samara Weaving (‘Bloody Wedding’) will star ‘borderline‘, which is being described as a “comic thriller”.

The cast will also feature Eric Dane (‘Euphoria’) and Ray Nicholson (‘Panic’).

The plot will follow a romantic sociopath who escapes from a mental institution and breaks into the home of a 90s pop star. He just wants to be loved; she just wants to survive.

Jimmy Wardenscreenwriter of ‘The Nanny: Queen of Death‘ will make his directorial debut.

Alba Baptista and Jimmy Fails complete the list.

“From ‘I, Tonya’ to ‘Beautiful Vengeance, our production partners LuckyChap have developed some of the most acclaimed and successful films of the last five years, so we are honored that they have chosen us to represent this special new project. Mimi Steinbauer. “Samara, Dane and Ray are perfect to lead the cast of Jimmy’s fun, twist-packed thriller.”

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New information should be released soon.

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