Imagem de: Brazilian Street Food: confira o simulador de pastel, caldo de cana e mais

We currently have all kinds of simulators available, but few of them are really aimed at our market. However, this scenario is about to change with the release of Brazilian Street Food Simulator.

A project by PardallGames studio, the title comes with exactly the premise you might have imagined: put him in control of some local commerce to produce dishes such as pastel, tapioca, skewers and even the famous sugar cane juice.

In this way, players will have the chance to manage the business in its entirety, including driving the vehicle (which in many cases can be the famous Kombi) to the place of work, carrying out publicity and, of course, taking care of the treatment of the clientele.

Check out a video showing some of the dynamics of the game below:

Saudades motivated the creation

The project in question is headed by Alfred Reinold Baudisch (known as Pardall), and in a text published on Steam he commented that the nostalgia for Brazil was the main fuel to idealize this game.

“I’m Brazilian and I’ve lived abroad for 4 years, and I miss Brazilian food and all the culture, identity and ‘way’ that exists in each of them. I’m trying to replicate every detail involved in the foods listed above, and I’m not talking about the food itself, but everything around them – because depending on the type of food offered by street vendors, there is a whole difference in how the business is presented, prepared and sold (equipment, furniture, banners, clothes, location, etc.),” ​​commented Pardall.

“For these reasons, this game will be released in chapters, each chapter about a type of food. The first chapter will be all about Caldo de Cana”, concluded the creator.

Brazilian Street Food Simulator will be released on March 22, 2023, and you can already add it to your Steam wishlist.

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