'Bullet Train': Action movie with Brad Pitt expected to raise $ 30 million in US premiere

Bullet train’ is finally showing in theaters, and in addition to bringing Brad Pitt and a great cast, the feature also has some special appearances.

One of them is Ryan Reynoldswho plays an assassin in a brief scene, near the end of the plot.

During an interview with IndiWire (via ComicBook), the producer Kelly McCormick revealed that the presence of Reynolds it was a joke to remember the pitt your quick participation in ‘deadpool 2‘.

And she also said that Reynolds came up with the idea while working on ‘The Adam Project‘ then he taped his tip to ‘Bullet train‘ while on the sci-fi set of Shawn Levy.

Reynolds rewarded the participation of two seconds of Brad in ‘deadpool 2‘. And the goal was to bring him in for just two seconds too, it was an inside joke.”

She continued:

Enjoy watching:

“We sent him the suit and some helmets for him to choose from while he was shooting ‘The Adam Project.’ They filmed everything right there and sent us the material. David [o diretor de Trem-Bala] saw the scenes and said: ‘Ask him to record this way or that’. Ryan was working remotely for us, while working on the movie itself, which was really cool.”

So, have you watched the movie?

Check out our review:

“Unlike many of the recent movies about murderers and jokers, ‘Bullet train‘ recognizes its weirdness early on and still manages to connect so many dots creatively and with humor.” – Chicago Sun Times.

“’Bullet train‘ is confusing and repetitive. It’s just a moving train wreck. The film has many famous stars, but ultimately has little substance or imagination for an action comedy.” – Culture Mix.

“This clumsy locomotive proves to be neither hilariously amoral nor violently aggressive. She makes quite a commotion at times but most of the time she just spins her wheels.” – Screen International.

“The greatest weapon of ‘Bullet train‘ is in the sculpted form of star Brad Pitt, who once again proves he’s as charming as a movie god as he is a wry, self-deprecating comedy actor in a variety of hilarious scenes.” – Globe and Mail.

“This is another one of those movies you watch when you have nothing better to do. You know when Tarantino’s early films encouraged many filmmakers to think that they too could make a fast-paced comedy with explicit gore, pop references and a briefcase full of cash? Then…” – The Wrap.

“The action is first class, and Brad Pitt and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are having fun like never before – and with all that hyperactive style and cartoonish violence, you’ll be ready to disembark at your final destination.” – Empire.

“’Bullet train’ It’s a chaotic mix of Japanese and American references mixed in an exaggerated riot, violent as hell and a lot of fun.” – Punch Drunk Critics.

Based on the book Maria Beetle by Kotaro Isaka, the plot follows “five assassins who find themselves on a moving bullet train going from Tokyo to Morioka, with only a few stops along the way. They discover that their missions are unrelated, but the question is, who will make it off the train alive and what awaits them at the final station?”

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The cast also has Sandra Bullock, Joey King, Andrew Koji, Brian Tyree Henry, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Hiroyuki Sanada, Sandra Bullock and the singer bad bunny.

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