Cameron Diaz turns 50 |  Discover the BEST and WORST movies of the star's career

Model turned actress, and then one of Hollywood’s biggest stars of international renown, Cameron Diaz completes today, the 30th of August, 50 summers. It seems like yesterday that the actress appeared on the scene in a stunning way at the age of 21 in the blockbuster The Maskara (1994), alongside Jim Carrey, making one of the best debuts of that decade and demonstrating right away all his talent, singing and dancing in addition to acting. In the 90’s, diaz really exploded, collecting hits like My best friend’s wedding and Who Will Stay With Mary?for example, asserting the weight of his name in the titles of those participating.

In the following decade, he took for himself some of the most profitable and beloved franchises of the period, see The Panthers and the animation Shrek (where she voiced Princess Fiona). She has also gained prestige by working with great directors such as Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone, Spike Jonze, Terry Gilliam and Danny Boyle. However, twenty years after his arrival with both feet in the door in Hollywood, the young star was heralding an early retirement. The negative critical results of some of her latest films (in particular the three she released in 2014 – the last year she would star in a film so far) was a factor in the star’s departure. Another element that may have contributed to this 8-year hiatus was the emergence of an early career erotic artwork in which Cameron Diaz appeared naked on video – coinciding with the release of one of her latest films, and ironically titled sex tape.

the fans of Cameron Diaz, however, can begin to celebrate. The star announced a new movie to be released very soon. properly named Back in Action (or “Back to Action”) is an action-comedy written and directed by Seth Gordonproducer of this year’s hit, Lost City (with Sandra Bullock), in which diaz will act again alongside Jamie Foxx. While the actress does not show up on the big screen, killing fans and moviegoers, we are here celebrating her birthday and honoring her by pointing out the best and also the worst (as usual) films of her career. Check out.

Ps. As always in the articles in this column, we conducted a survey with the opinion of critics and the general public to take the average of the best and worst films. That is, the list does not only express our opinion, but the general opinion.

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Directed by the late Curtis Hanson and based on the book Jennifer Weinerthis film debuts the ranking of the best of the career of Cameron Diaz in fifth position. This dramatic comedy is about the relationship between two very different sisters. Diaz is Maggie, a party woman and reckless, who shies away from responsibilities. The Oscar nominee Toni Collette is Rose, a serious and responsible woman, who doesn’t agree with her sister’s lifestyle. The dynamic of the two is interrupted with the arrival of the grandmother they didn’t know existed, role of the veteran Shirley MacLaine.

With this super production that is turning 20 in 2022, Cameron Diaz had the chance to take a big step in his career, and gain even more prestige. It turns out that here the star stripped off all her glamor to play a prostitute and street thief in early New York, give her all in her acting, and still work alongside true sacred monsters, such as Martin Scorsese (in direction), and Daniel Day-Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio (who also climbed to become what he is today) in the cast. The film was nominated for 10 Oscars, including best picture.

Few actors perform such a remarkable first work and right away in a super production. It is an honor for few. But in the case of Cameron Diazits debut still stands as one of the most beloved films on its resume, nearly thirty years later. diaz was a model, and appeared on the scene at the age of 21 in the role of Tina Carlyle, a cabaret singer and the bandit’s girlfriend, who redeems herself and passes to the side of the good protagonist lived by Jim Carrey. think about Margot Robbie in the wolf of Wall Street (2013) to understand the explosion that Diaz was here. Besides that, The Maskara it was one of the films that helped cement the CGI-based entertainment blockbusters we have today.

After the maskThesome of the successes of Cameron Diaz were in the genre of romantic comedies, as My best friend’s weddinga film that united her with the legendary Julia Roberts. However, Diaz would only spend little time as a supporting player, and by the end of the same decade, she was already the protagonist of this completely politically incorrect romantic comedy. Which brought a difference to Diaz’s career in relation to the other girls in films like this. With this long, stomach-ache with laughter, the actress showed that she knew how to laugh at herself and make fun of the drooling faces of the opposite sex – demonstrating that women could be as acidic as men when it came to humor.

Despite having films in which its exuberant beauty shines, included in its top 5 of the best (see The Maskara and Who Will Stay With Mary?), Cameron Diaz he also showed versatility in choosing his projects and dressing certain characters. Despite having done so in New York gangs, her character was still worked on sensuality. Completely undressed element here in this film of Spike Jonzein which many cannot even recognize the actress in the role of Lotte, the good veterinarian wife of the scoundrel lived by John Cusack. The cult film rises to the podium with the gold medal as the actress’s best film and received three Oscar nominations.

Here in the list, we chose to include only live-action productions with Cameron Diaz, that is, films in which the actress participates in flesh and blood, and not just ceding her voice to animation. But we could not fail to include two of the biggest hits of the star’s career, still very dear to the general public and critics. The first Shrek (2001) was a real phenomenon, demonstrating that the animations aimed at the little ones could contain a more acidic content that subverted that presented by the well-behaved Disney, and as a conclusion debunking it and making school. Three years later, the producers did it again with Shrek 2 (2004) – praised as being as good as, or perhaps better than, the original. The two following sequels, however, did not reach expectations in this regard.

It is always more interesting when we include films known to the general public in whatever the list. But here, opening the top 5 of the worst of Cameron Diaz we have this one, which is one of the most obscure productions on his resume. Be that as it may, by this time the actress had already delivered significant films such as Who Will Stay With Mary? and even the first The Panthers, for example. Here, based on a book, the drama brings Jordana Brewster fresh out of Final Test (1998) and about to become famous with the first Fast and furious (2001). She plays the younger sister of Cameron Diaz, determined to find her sister’s whereabouts across Europe, who left home years before and may be involved in criminal acts.

Romantic comedy in the “girls just wanna have fun” style, this film is completing 20 years of its debut in 2022, and it was the feature that Cameron Diaz starred in the interval between The Panthers and The panthers, hauling. Just like in the secret agents movie, here Diaz has two screen partners, but with very different goals. Or almost. With the actress, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair they live the adventures of the world of relationships while chasing a good partner of the opposite sex. This, however, is a rom-com that uses a slightly more acidic content than expected.

One of the last five works by Cameron Diaz to date, this work is completing ten years of its release in 2022. It is a remake of the robbery comedy How to Own Lissufrom 1966, which brought Shriley MacLaine and Michael Caine in the protagonist roles of the thieves. In the new version, with a script by none other than the brothers CoenDiaz takes the female lead role, and in place of Caine comes the Oscar winner Colin Firth. The remake, however, was quickly ostracized and here it appears in the third position of the worst films of the actress’s career.

Speaking of obscure films in the star’s career Cameron Diaz, in second place of the top 5 of the worst in his curriculum is precisely one of the most unknown to the general public. However, this dramatic comedy with criminal touches is not lacking in “pedigree”. Although it is the oldest film on the worst list, diaz had just come off the success of The Maskara (1994). And it seemed like a very good bet to put her to play opposite another hot star of the moment: the muso Keanu Reeves. The actor was also coming out of a mega success of the time, the action thriller Maximum speed, which turned him into a star. The plot features Reeves as a loser who steals his brother’s bride (diaz’s role) on their wedding day. It was common at the time to present hateful protagonists and ask us to sympathize with them.

01 | Sex Tape: Lost in the Cloud (2014)

First of the worst films of the career of Cameron Diaz according to critics and the public is the penultimate work released by the actress in theaters. And a production that is partly responsible for the star’s departure from the spotlight for almost ten years. As said, at the same time that this film was released, which in a way predicted the leak of intimate videos of several Hollywood celebrities, telling the story of a couple who makes a sex video that ends up leaked online, actress Cameron Diaz saw a resurgence an early career job where she did nude modeling – and that she thought was gone forever. To give you an idea, Cameron Diaz is so far away from the movies that she still hasn’t caught the wave of super productions released straight to streaming. We can easily see the actress in some work for Netflix or some TV series. What do you think?

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