Capcom vs.  SNK: 'both parties' are interested, suggests Oda

Capcom and SNK, which were exponents of the fighting game market in the 90s, would be interested in a new collaboration in the future. At least that’s the perception of Yasuyuki Oda, producer of The King of Fighters XV, in an interview with VGC this Tuesday, 30.

During the weekend of EVO 2022, in early August, companies joined forces to distribute posters welcoming the event, which has gone two years without new face-to-face editions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The arts showed characters from both companies with the traits of legendary illustrators Eisuke Ogura and Shinkiro and made a clear allusion to the old partnership that yielded games like Capcom Vs. SNK.

This collaboration, albeit one-off, has fans quite excited and has led to speculation about a possible sequel. In Yasuyuki Oda’s conception, this reaffirmed public interest in a potential resurgence of the franchise.

When asked by VGC if he shared that interest, the producer replied, “Definitely in the future, this is something that I think everyone on all sides, on both sides, is interested in making a reality,” he said.

“Especially after we saw the reaction [aos pôsteres da EVO]… This helped us reconfirm that this is probably one of the most anticipated things by the fighting game community around the world,” he added.

Nonetheless, there are still no plans for that to happen. Oda explains that he hasn’t spoken in detail with anyone at Capcom about it yet, but that it may have come up as a vague comment at some point. Jokingly, Oda assured him that it won’t be necessary to wait another twenty years.

He recalls how SNK has experience with crossovers, citing Geese Howard in Tekken 7 and Terry Bogard in Super Smash Bros., but acknowledges he hasn’t done anything along those lines with Capcom in recent years.

“Recently, we haven’t done anything [nesse sentido] with Capcom, even with character collaboration. So these posters [da EVO]in our perception, were the first step towards something like this happening in the future,” suggested Oda-san.

Currently, SNK is focused on the development of the new Fatal Fury, which is considered a very big project and that comes after more than twenty years of waiting. In turn, Capcom is dedicated to the development of Street Fighter 6, which should arrive sometime in 2023 for PC and consoles.

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